I am considering suggesting Tyze personal networks to a family that I know who is looking for a way to coordinate appointments, communication and activities.


Can any of you share stories or feedback about how Tyze has helped? 


Or ... any lessons or suggestions about online networks like Tyze?


I would also love to connect with any of you that are closely involved in PLAN or involved in the creation of Tyze.






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Hi Becki, 

I use Tyze with our Nicholas who is 22, lives at home and is medically complex with 24 hour care.  We were having terrible trouble coordinating Nick's medications (14 of them), side effects, record keeping, symptom checks as well outings and interests.  Important messages would get lost all too often in spite of having careful charting by the bedside and white boards, sticky notes on the wall....people would just assume that they knew what was going on, so wouldn't check for changes or new orders or events.  Very frustrating!  Now we have everything on Tyze.  Including Nick's agenda with appointments for doctors/hospital, but also for his favourite TV shows or outings for fun. We keep the staff rotas there so shift swapping can occur in one place. Recently, when Nick had surgery, we were able to communicate in one place with friends and family and coordinate hospital visits on Tyze. Before the surgery, when Nick was unwell, we able to send out urgent messages to the doctors indicating changes in his health status.

I am the international advisor for Tyze in the UK and I feel very proud to show off this fantastic piece of Canadian technology.  It is such a gift and we are finding new uses for different aspects of the programme all the time.  Recently, when I had an idea of an addition for increased functionality of the email alerts for appointments in the agenda, Tim Ames, the technical director got right on it and created something for us.  The tech support is outstanding.  I commend Tyze to anyone wanting to coordinate a group of professionals and/or family who want to effectively support a vulnerable person - together.

Hi Donna - Thank you again for this response about Tyze!  I wanted to share with you that I had an opportunity to meet Vickie last week and hear the full story. (and hear her share a bit about how you and your family uses Tyze.)  Very exciting!  - Becki

Hi Becki, I know we've already connected but I wanted to remind you that our local PLN organization is an affiliate of PLAN and would be happy to share with you about our involvement/experience. I've had the pleasure of attending PLAN's Family Leadership Retreat as well as a couple of their annual Affiliate Consortiums. They are an amazing group of people doing amazing things. PLAN set up 2 Tyze sites that I participate in for their affiliate groups to facilitate sharing and scheduling of monthly conference calls. I intend to set up a Tyze site for my daughter, Alison (age 24) once we start building her network. 

Hi there Lorna,

Fancy meeting you here. How's the family and how is the work?  Just met with PLAN Okanagan and PLAN Calgary this past month, busy times.  PLAN Okanagan hosted their first Beyond Grad, with 9 families and PLAN Calgary a day on personal network development. 

Looking forward to March and seeing everyone.

Warmest regards




Hi Becki

I think this site  is great, however I must admit my bias, I work for PLAN Institute, where Tyze was first conceived.  We wanted to find a way to get network development into the "water supply" and realized the possibilities with an online format.  However Tyze is designed around an invited network of people rather than the open concept of face book.  It's by invitation only and is designed around the centre of the person.  With a calender system, photo album and story page, along with the connection tools, Tyze helps facilitate not only communication but face to face contact and in a real way addresses the issues of isolation so many experience.  I have the pleasure of being a member on a number of Tyze sites and I am continually reminded of the value of easy communication as a way to support and be engaged.

PLAN Institute also hosts an online course on personal network development.  It's titled, Weaving the Ties that Bind and through approx. 25 hours of a self directed 6 week course, participants are walked through all the stages of network development including the principles and theory behind the work.  Details are hosted at www.store.plan.ca

I would love to hear if you've begun a Tyze network and your experience.

Nice to meet you!




Hi Becky


I have a tyze network for my daughter and for our organization Scarborough Residential Alternatives. I love it. Its a way to keep everyone connected on their own time. People can see what my daughter is up to and offer help or support or ideas or other connections.

For the group, it offers a place to get connected with other families who are looking for information for housing, If anyone is interested in testing a tyze network out or is interested in findind suitable community based housing for their child or themselves they can let me know and I will send out an invite to the network. My email address is heath_bonnie@hotmail.com.


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