Inclusion Networks members will know that Judith Snow is one of the great teachers in our field.  Being Unstoppable is a must-see workshop. You can see details in the attached PDF poster.

There's room in tomorrow night's (March 5) session.  I'm so turned on by this new material that I'll personally spring for a ticket for the first person from Inclusion Network who responds to this notice.  Write to me personally at

Dave Wetherow

“Two hours spent with Judith Snow guiding you through ‘Becoming Unstoppable’ will provide inspiration for a lifetime! ”

- Chris L.

“Judith has a brilliant framework for moving into the future. Worth its weight in gold.“

- Peter B.

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David: Sorry I missed all of you ...give my regards to Judith and let her know I was delighted to see her coauthoring the home ownership publication, too. I was on the National Advisory Board, but just saw some of the articles in my recent review in 2011-2012. The new book has one chapter on housing (forthcoming, now 2014). Julie Ann Racino


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