Deepening Practice: Listening • Facilitation • Graphics - notes from Lynda Kahn & Jack Pearpoint

Here are a few of the resources we used and/or referred to in our workshop at the Toronto Summer Institute - in the Module on Deepening Practice.

Some resources that you were interested in and might be helpful:

Peter Block: (includes the Answer to How is YES)

Otto Scharmer: (Note: - many powerfpoint downloads on U-Theory)
Presencing and U-Theory

Music of Hikari Oe

Wide ranging Video's of extraordinary Quality. There are many many brilliant talks here that are free to download and use....

We used:
(Ben Zander)
We used: Evelyn Glennie - Scottish percussionist

another clip we like ... street kids from Equador becoming Classical musicians...
Gustavo Dudamel leads El Sistema's top youth orchestra

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I am in awe at the number of incredible resources there are on this inclusion networking site. Thank you to all who have contributed...absolutely amazing!!!


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