Does anyone have the list of skills that was used at the summer institute

There was an activity where everyone split into groups of 10 or 12 and each group was given a stack of 100 cards listing 100 skills. The group then sorted the cards into three piles: 1. I can do that. 2. I know someone that can do that. 3. I can't do it and don't know anyone that can do it.


I'm looking for that list of 100 skills so I can recreate that activity for some families that are creating community and circles of support.


I hit about 50 and am running out of steam!!!



Ron Irvine

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Hey Ron -

Thanks for coming here to find your answer ...

Here is a link for info about the game:

Cormac Russell is the developer of the game.

He is a member of the online Inclusion Network. Here is a link to his profile:

You can also google his organization and contact information.

On a related note .... please share how you are using the game and what you are up to these days ...

Thanks .... and nice to hear from you!


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