There are a number of families who have young adult family members who are currently seeking housemates within various Toronto neighborhoods.  These families are utilizing the facilitation support of LIGHTS, in partnership with Community Living Toronto.  If you or anyone you know is interested in connecting with any of the individuals below or would like to engage with LIGHTS to explore your own personal situation, please contact:

Laura Starret at 647-729-1156 or email

L1:  Two families who have young adult sons with intellectual disabilities are looking to establish a downtown residence close to a subway. They are looking for two more young men aged between 18-30, and hope to partner with their families. They aim to create a home that will provide dignity, independence, security and a quality-of-life based on family involvement and supported living.

L2:  Two established young men in the St Clair and Oakwood neighbourhood are seeking a third housemate in who is interested in similar activities, is pleasant and is willing to do their part around the house. 

L3:  Two established young ladies in the Port Union and Lawrence neighbourhood of Scarborough are seeking a third young lady to share their home with.  Ideally the person would have established day activities and is willing to help out around the home.  She would be pleasant and enjoy living with 2 others with a live-in caregiver who would provide support in the evenings and asleep overnight.   

L4:  Young man seeking other men who are interested in exploring a living arrangement; sharing the costs of support and living expenses in the Bloor West Village neighbourhood of Toronto.  Young man/men would be kind, interested in music, singing, drama, video games, sports and is generally outgoing. 



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