This is the open space for posts from our discussions, encounters and learnings of the 2011 Atlanta TASH Community Living Gathering.

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Hi Judith!

I am so looking forward to seeing you and having the Community Living Gathering again at TASH.  It's been too long.  It was always one of the best parts of the conference. 

Barb from Ohio

Judith Snow: Thanks for the update on the community living group at TASH which I particularly enjoyed as a costrand with John McKnight, Steve Taylor and Zana Lutfiyya of Canada many years ago. I, of course, ended up with the Subcommittee Co-chair on Housing with Elaine Ostroff who has been global on universal design in the mid-2000s since Ron Mace's passing.

However, in 2011, the Association's journal (Research and Practice in Severe Disabilities) had not had an update on the housing and individualized funding that I could locate, and also did not publish an update (15 page summary with over 50 references) for their researchers and their personnel (primarily special education). In addition, the new digital journal group did not bring foreword the Community Participation Book Series book reviews, with an exceptional one by Panscofar.

Luckily, John O'Brien and Pam Walker were spotted in a few articles for Syracuse University, and Ann Turnbull did come in on family support with other authors. I was with other international associations since about 1995 to 2011, including the American Sociological Association and the Association for the Care of Childrens' Health, among others. Right now, I am with the American Society for Public Administration for 2015.

Julie Ann Racino

JASH on Community Living Organizations, US, Case Studies

Presented at the 1992 International TASH Conference in San Francisco, CA 

Racino, J. (1995). Community living for adults with developmental disabilities: A housing and support approach. JASH, 20(4): 300-310. 

Thinking of you as we reach the anniversary of your passing. With prayers to your family, friends and community living networks in Canada, US, Australia and Europe. Julie Ann Racino  June 2017 Ruthie Beckwith, whom Judy may have known, is now Executive Director at TASH. 


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