Greetings All! 


We want to send a message to those people attending TSI 2011 next month and have hosted a reading of Waddie Welcome and the Beloved Community in your local community. We would like to get together to have a conversation around our different readings.  We would like for you to bring the details of your readings, such as pictures, stories, ideas, samples of invitations you used and anything else you can think of.  We want to talk about what we learned each time and invite others who may want to know more about hosting to sit in on the conversation and take away ideas to use. 


We will also be hosting another reading at TSI 2011, hopefully somewhere outside the gathering venue.  Stay tuned for that as well.


Thank you and we look forward to seeing everyone soon.

Take care,



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Hi Kirk .... How did it go?  How was the TSI 2011 Waddie Reading?  Are there any updates that you could post here? Any Pics??

Hey Becki,


I have pics from that night at TSI.  I'll post them soon.  The night, as usual, was left with a powerful feeling shared by all.  We did some of Anne Mitchell's Social Presencing stuff after the reading as a way of expressing ourselves without words.  Very cool.  Thanks for checking in.  How are you doing?

Thanks Kirk.  It will be great to see the pictures.  I know that your reading would have been wonderful.  I am doing well.  Thank you for asking.  My oldest daughter is moving across the country to university in a week - so I feel that is taking up most of my thought ... but there are alot of other neat things going on as well.


At TSI, you talked about a book that you are working on.  Is there anything that you could post here on the network?  The summer lull is coming to an end, and it would be great to have some new posts here about thing that people are up to.


Talk to you soon.



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