Have you ever been to a place where it just feels wonderfully good to spend time there?


I am thinking of places that offer an open sincere welcome, and possess such a sense of warmth and open energy that it feels great just to be there.


In my neighborhood I know of several places like that.


One such place is Happen, Inc.


Happen is a “play center” for kids and their parents and by its nature is a very creative space. But it is not the creativity that fosters the hospitality, warmth, friendship and the power that is easily discovered here. It flows from the people.


Tommy Reuff is the chief welcomer and conductor of Happen. He is also a talented community builder. He is amazing at welcoming, pays intense attention to people’s gifts and this space in turn offers great hospitality.


I spend much of my time discovering places where this sense of radical hospitality exists.


It is at these places where not only people are usually welcomed, but often so are their gifts.


I have discovered thousands of hospitable places in the Cincinnati area.  What about you??


- Joe





What are the places in YOUR neighbourhood that offer sincere welcomes?


What places in YOUR neighbourhood make you feel great?


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