Is it possible to get the questions that were used to stimulate discussion in the cafe?  Also I was wondering why economic stability was added as a theme? 

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Thanks for your questions. We post the questions on the dash board of maestro conference which is the technology that we use to host the cafe. Our intention is to post the questions and the harvest of wisdom that take place here on this site.  In the spirit of the world cafe we hope to provide people with a nice invitation to prepare people to come to the cafe with their inquires and to allow the wisdom to emerge within each conversation. So the actual questions are explored as the event unfolds however we can share some preparation questions on the invites as we go along. Why economic stability? as a society how much are we wiling to pay to have the supports necessary for all people to have access to regular lives? I feel we are in inquire about how our particular organizations families, individuals contribute to how we can create a community that works for all. How do we make or create our organizational structures, services that take into effect that they can continue and be there for the next generation. These are just a few thoughts but love to have you join us and explore the ideas and wisdom you have related to creating a world that works for all. Thanks for you questions. in appreciation joe


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