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Waddie "hub" hosted a reading at the California Supported Living Network annual conference in San Diego, CA.  We were able to sell 7 books to people planning to pay in forward.  As a result of this reading we secured a slot to host a reading at the Supported Life Conference in Sacramento in October 2011.  It will  be a great opportunity for Waddie to reach a large number of people, as this conference is attended by thousands of people.  As happens every time, his story teaches us a new lesson and per the usual his story elicited a powerful response from those in attendance.
What a great day it was!

Ask me about Waddie?

Hey congratulations.

So who is this Waddie guy anyway?

Well done..!!

We're in Stamford CT today - and just did a reading too.   He still has people on the edge.. and keeps them there.

Jack & Lynda

Indeed he does have us on the edge.  Can't wait to see you both in July...

I LOVE the t-shirts!!!  And the candles!  What a great way to read/hear the story!  Bring t-shirts to TSI this summer!!!  


Keep on telling the story...



Looks great - and the T-shirts are a fab idea! Sure we will "borrow" the idea over here in Scotland.

Steve :)


T-shirts will be on hand at TSI!!!



The t-shirts were definitely a success!  It was Waddie's spotlight moment and we thought it was a great way to build interest in our session read.  I was thinking to have several extra t-shirts made and would be more than happy to bring them to TSI 2011. The candles help create a wonderful atmosphere and give a great vibe.  It's been an amazing journey!!! 


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