This is from a man who works as a financial manager in Cincinnati Ohio. He attended a a Waddie Welcome and the Beloved Community slide show that was sponsored by Tim Voit and Star Fire at a lovely theatre space. This is how a story becomes embedded into the hearts and minds of culture and community..... 

"I thoroughly enjoyed your talk Friday night. I think my wife was amazed at how much I went on about your talk and the book, very inspiring. I told her this would be a great book to read to the kids over a few nights. Then I was thinking about how we get more children/families to learn about this message. So I thought instead of a "chain letter" I thought about a "chain book". Our family would attach a letter to the book describing our experience from reading the book and ask for neighbors to read it as a family and pass it a long. I think it might be a neat experiment for our neighborhood to see how many families we can reach and just let the message spread. Just a thought."

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Tom, I think this would be great thing to do! Thanks for passing this on.
Wonderful idea!
Something to discuss further at TSI...I love it!

This is an inspired idea!



go forth and replicate and ask many friends to do the same ! ! !


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