PLAN Torontois a newish family run agency that assists families to plan for their futures.  Susan Beayni from PLAN Toronto was at a Waddie Welcome reading earlier - and said:  "I think we want to do that".  Thus, in the perfect homey midtown Quaker Meeting House, Susan gathered a small group and we read the Waddie book.  For me it is amazing, because I have read it many times now - and each time I learn something new.  This past evening was no different, and summed up by the comment of Paster John Ward:

"I knew I was coming to a conversation about community; but I did not expect it to be this rich."Waddie Welcome continues to share his wisdom in Toronto

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And on he goes with his teaching...

a little amazing - every time... each different - each the same.  I also heard from the folks in St. Catherine's ON this morning. They are trying to organize an event at the EMR? Babtist Methodist Church - Hariatt Tubman's church - one of the 'northern' ends of the Underground Railway - that began in Savannah - a few blocks from Waddie's place.  Small world.  I'll keep you posted.


This is my experience also - doesn't seem to matter how many times you read Waddie - there is always more to learn and he touches people in so many different ways.  What a truly amazing experience for all!


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