Our evening started at The Queen Street Commons Cafe in Kitchener.  This cafe provides space for free for groups to get together.

We joined a group that already meets called Open Space - they graciously agreed to share the space.  All together there were about 50 people who enjoyed the reading.  The youngest was 5 and I couldn't tell you how old the oldest was.  

We started by asking people who would like to read to come up to the front.  Eight people came up.  I was touched that out of the eight three readers were under the age of sixteen.  As the reading went on we had a couple more people who joined us to read.  

The reading was topped off by a performance of our Buddy Choir - we performed "Shed a Little Light" which complemented the message of our reading.  

I only have a couple of pics to share from before the reading.  When I receive the rest of the pics from the evening I will post.

Overall a great thought provoking, community building evening!



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Waddie for all ages..

Congratulations - can't wait to see the photos... 


WOW - thanks for sharing this.  We need to find a way to have Waterloo and Savannah become 'sister cities' growing closer together through our shared appreciation of Waddie Welcome and the Beloved Community...  Looking forward to seeing the photo's... Also, if you have friends and allies at colleges in your town, we have a bevy of college professors here, from many disciplines(Urban Design/Anthropology/History/Education) who have used the story to provoke thought -- it would be very cool if faculty from another college (as in a college in your community) were to reach out to them asking for their thoughts/experiences.  Tom


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