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Enjoying a new sense of independence - A Story From Elmira, Ontario

Enjoying a new sense of independence

February 22, 2011

Gail Martin - Independent Editor
Stacey Reinsma, Gabrielle Gauthier and Janine Haid share a moment in Reinsma and Gauthier’s apartment. This apartment is part of a new experiment in independent living for developmentally challenged adults.
Mark Allison is having the time of his life.

Mark is living in his own apartment for the first time, thanks to a new initiative by Elmira District…

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ABCD & Inclusion during disaters

Today and for a long time to come Christchurch (New Zealand) people will need to unite to rebuild lives and a city that has literally been devastated by an earthquake.  At times like this I wonder about the resilience of Disabled people and those who are reliant on others.  Currently there is news about rescue efforts of people trapped within buildings but no news about people who are left to fend for themselves.  It is too late to think about building strong communities to support others…


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Designing our way Out of the Box - with Bucky Fuller

One of the greatest 'out of the box' thinkers was Buckminster Fuller.  This brilliant 8 minute summary of one of his lectures is a great lesson - and a personal challenge to each of us to 'get out of our boxes' so we can do more with less.  It's a great 8 minute mind stretch.…


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public speaker and speaks about inclusion and about people with disability

here is my speaking schedule for 2011

speak all around the country

about my life to college

would be happy to come and speak to your group if you want ever

please let me know

feel free to send an e-mail



  • Austin, Texas
  • Texas Advanced Leadership and Advocacy Conference

    Sunday, February 27, 2011
  • Murray, Utah

    Utah Parent…

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Anne McDonald: A Belated Tribute to an Amazing Pioneer

                                                    Anne McDonald

                                                                          01/11/1961 – 10/22/2010

                                                                 In Memorium

                                                                        (with Rosemary Crossley –

                                         … Continue

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Inclusive Education Children's Book


I am Ms. Rogill (Jill) Anderson-Clute. I am a Michigan State University graduate and have been the parent of a special needs child. I have also been an educator for twenty-four years. I have written a children’s book that would be a valuable resource to teach the foundations of Character Education and Inclusive Education, while addressing practices that… Continue

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The Sacred and the Transformative



Hi everyone, I am having trouble pasting my blog posts into this window and I want to share, so I've just posted the link.


This post is about a wonderful article that appeared in today's Globe and Mail about a live opera programme in a Toronto nursing home.



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