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A Surprise Reunion!

In my book, "The Four Walls of My Freedom", I wrote about the solitary lifestyle of constant caregiving. I wrote about watching, fascinated, a family of birds make their home in our front door lamp:

Outside our front door in Ottawa, we had a black wrought-iron openwork light fixture.  Each spring, a pair of tiny sparrowlike birds called redpolls came…


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Bolshy Divas...An Australian contribution to the world

We are in Australia.. and this past week we have encountered the work of the Bolshy Divas..

John O'Brien, Connie Lyle O'Brien, Lynda Kahn and I - and we're all impressed... and want to share their wisdom..

We think there are 'sisters in spirit' everywhere - and their incisive analysis, delivered with humor and spice in a powerful contributor to a healthy debate about the future of support services for people - in Australia and beyond. 

So here is a link to their web site…


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A World Café on Building inclusive and Sustainable Communities

We had our second virtual World Café on Inclusive Communities and Economic Sustainability: We will be holding monthly calls to generate a community that cares about the sustainability of supporting all people to live a valued life in their communities. It is our intention to develop a community of practice that comes together to share and learn about the abundant resources that we have together.  I want to thank my co-hosts Amy Lenzo…


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A video clip of my recent talk at Holland Bloorview

To view a video clip of my recent talk at Holland Bloorview, please click HERE

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Dying With Dignity

I always listen the radio when I'm driving and today was no exception.  I was on my home from visiting Nicholas when I tuned in to a CBC show about life in Quebec called "C'est la vie".  The guests were two provincial parliamentary representatives (MNAs) who had worked for two years on a non-partisan committee on palliative care.…

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A family took their frail, elderly mother to a nursing home and left her,

hoping she would be well cared for. The next morning, the nurses bathed her,

fed her a tasty breakfast, and set her in a chair at a window overlooking a

lovely flower garden. She seemed okay, but after a while she slowly started

to tilt sideways in her chair. Two attentive nurses immediately rushed up to

catch her and straighten her up. Again she seemed okay, but after a…


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The Little Ditty

There are a lot of people,

that need help in many ways.

Hurdles that they have to face,

every single day.

Things we take for granted,

like walking, seeing, speech.

They set their standards very high,…


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Another place to share


This site is still in its infancy but is looking for more ideas that will better benefit communities.

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Facebook/Our Family: We Innovate!

Yesterday I wrote about how Facebook can make lonely people lonelier.  But what is the flip side of all this doom and gloom about social media and how can these online tools help people who give or receive care?  Does social media contribute to my wellbeing?

The resounding answer to the last question is Yes!  I am part of a generation that can well remember life before the internet.  In the old days, I subscribed to a magazine called "Exceptional…


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Facebook - Good or Bad?

Stephen Marche's article "Is Facebook Making Us Lonely" in the May issue of The Atlantic pokes a sharp stick at social media and its effect on our sense of social fulfilment. Marche asserts, "What Facebook has revealed about human nature—and this is not a minor revelation—is that a connection is not the same thing as a bond, and that instant and total connection is no salvation, no ticket to…


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Then and Now, Remembering When Nick Was Small

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking to parents at the Holland Bloorview Kids' Rehabilitation Hospital in Toronto. The building is new with a welcoming, light and homey feel to it - certainly very different from the old Hugh MacMillan Rehab Centre that used to stand in its place. Nicholas and I went to Toronto when he was three and four years old. There, we had his first…

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Article in todays Globe and Mail

To send a comment to the Globe and Mail http://v1.theglobeandmail.com/help/contact-web/

Maybe with some pressure from the paper, the government might do something. The more comments that are received, the more the paper will print.


For those with intellectual disabilities, a decades-long wait for a home and care…


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An Ah-Ha Moment in our Family: The Penny Dropped About Nick's Seizures


When Nick was a baby, he was a terrible sleeper. He would doze off and suddenly, his arms would fling themselves outward, his legs extending and he would scream. We called this his 'startle' reflex and put it down to Nick being Nick. When he was tiny, we found it helped to…

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A Walk Through Savannah...

Hello all,

I've attached a piece I wrote on a recent trip to Savannah, Georgia, to hear stories from Tom Kohler and from people involved in citizen advocacy.  It was an incredible experience.

I hope you enjoy.


Kirk HinklemanA%20walk%20through%20Savannah....pdf

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external image welcoming-life.jpg?w=594

WISDOM begins with Seeing,

Seeing with a heart that is open.

LEARNING begins with Seeing,

Seeing with a mind that is open.

LOVE begins with Seeing,

Seeing the heart behind words and…

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