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Sex and The Special Needs Parent

Staying close to your partner is the topic of my latest blog post HERE: http://www.donnathomson.com/2012/06/sex-and-special-needs-parent.html?spref=tw

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Nurturing Innovation among Outliers

Is there anyone out there that has ideas about how to do this?


This is about more than just people with Aspergers Syndrome. This is a question for all of us that work with people that have been marginalized in our communities because of disability, criminal history, poverty, etc. In other words, those that deviate from the norm bear gifts that our society unknowingly desperately…


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the unseen forces of inequality

What determines who is normal and who is not?

How do we as a society determine that this person or that person deviates from “the norm”?

And how does this inevitable “deviation” from the norm end up having value assigned to it by society?


“A person is oppressed when they are held back, either physically or psychologically, from the goals they aspire to, and the norms of…


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The Work of Inclusion: Emerging Markets and Changing Demands


After some research into disability history, my heart was heavy the forces that have oppressed people over the centuries. The good news is that there are very strong undercurrents (and overcurrents) pushing us forward in our work of inclusion: grass roots advocacy AND laws. Here is how I see THE WORK along with its multiple influences.…


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New FreeSpeech Communication Application

Greetings to All,  My daughter, who has autism, uses an augmentative communication device. For many years, I wondered why did it have to be so expensive? It seems that the technology has advanced so much, yet the particular device she was using cost over $7000 dollars. One Christmas morning when my son was home, along with his cousin and an engineering friend, we began to dream about a way to make this communication available to more people. About a year later, my son left his Wall Street…


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Why Technology is a Godsend for Our Son

Recently, I was asked to contribute a piece on the subject of technology and parenting a son with disabilities for the blog http://vancouvermom.ca.  Here is what I wrote:

Article by Donna Thomson, disability activist, author and consultant, and user of the Tyze social network.

Technology Became an Essential…


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Just What is Normal

Our most recent Blog post written by George Martin, President of The Arcadia Institute.

Just What is Normal

Allison Hammond

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Write your MPP

Hi All

Check out www.ssahcoalition.ca . They wrote a very comprehensive report that they are presenting to the Ministry. They need the help of parents and self advocates to back them up and make their presentation more effective.

Email your MPP and attach the report!

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A Joyful Procession: How to Stay Upbeat in Social Services

In 2008 I went to New Orleans to volunteer with a non-profit called V-day founded by the feminist writer and performer Eve Ensler. The event was titled V10, which celebrated ten years of international activism to end violence against women and girls. The organization chose to spotlight New Orleans for the celebration, honoring it’s strength and resilience following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

That weekend, with the help of about 800 volunteers like myself,…


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Resources for Inclusion - the Inclusion Press Catalogue

If you like to browse catalogues, we recommend this one.. Inclusion Press - a treasure trove of resources we publish and recommend.    It is always a work in progress - so the web page (www.inclusion.com) is usually a few items ahead, but its a great start.  Enjoy.



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