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Mindfulness DVD & Booklet now available...

Many of you will have met Alan Sloan through various Toronto Summer Institutes and beyond. We are delighted to announce that his long awaited DVD and booklet are now available. There are four short introductory talks, and four in-depth talks on the DVD - along with an edited transcript in an enclosed booklet. If you personally or your organization/networks are interested in discovering confidence, compassion and… Continue

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I once was blind, but now I see... a little bit more...!

I just had a two day experience at Bob Rumball Association for the Deaf in Milton Ontario, Canada from July 20-21. I was invited to facilitate dance/movement sessions for the deaf and/or blind as part of the Sensory Exploration Art Program. It was an eye-opening experience...well...;)

The program is trying to be inclusive in a way that people from two associations, Bob Rumball Association for the Deaf and Ontario Deaf Blind Association are making arts together. When my collegue… Continue

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How to respond respectfully?

Hi everyone,

I have come to seek advice around something that I am finding a struggle with. It is something that my work partners and I are trying to sharpen up on. However, we are finding it difficult to find the right words to try to both not offend but also be clear on our values, aspirations and visions we have for the people we are involved with.

We come into contact on a daily basis of Service staff, coordinators, support workers, sso workers etc.. Most of…


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"It's farther than we thought" TSI Module Summary 3

This paper connects to Wednesday's discussion of the sources of effective supports.

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"It's farther than we thought" TSI Module Summary 2

These notes summarize the conditions we identified for the success of Ontario's Person-Directed Planning initiative.

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"It's farther than we thought" TSI Module Summary 1

We explored what we can learn from efforts to adapt service organizations and systems to the values of inclusion, person-centered supports, and self-determination.
These notes are primarily for the use of module participants; they may not make much sense to thise who were not part of the discussions.

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SMUDGE Ceremony - connections between East & West

It was interesting to observe that there are so many similarities between us. Hindus' prayer or "Aarti" is followed by something like the smudge ceremony. There is a "Aarti plate" or a "Aarti lamp" which is circulated around a diety or a person and a prayer is sung,In doing so, lamp is supposed to acquire the power of the deity. The plate is then circulated to all those present. They cup their down-turned hands over the flame and then raise their

palms to their forehead - the blessings,… Continue

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Interesting Stats ....

.... Seems that people are looking forward to Toronto Summer Institute 2010!

Take a look at the Network Usage Stats for today!

This week we had 74 first time visitors, compared to our weekly average of 11.…


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