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The Self-Contained Life #002: On the Fence

When it comes to inclusion…people fall in one of three camps. Either they are totally against it, staunchly for it, or on the fence. It’s the people on the fence that you want to focus your time on.

-Gail Wilkins (friend and mentor)


I love to talk to “fencers” (yeah…I just made that up).  The best way to help someone see something from your perspective is to see something from their perspective (even if you disagree with the…


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The Self-Contained Life #001: My Ideal World

There HAS to be better way…

One of my favorite stories to tell is about my very first day on the job.  After hours and hours of meticulously getting my classroom ready… every desk, name tag, bulletin board and work station in their right place, the morning finally came. It was going to be magical. I was fresh out of my teacher training for a credential in moderate/severe disabilities and had read all of the autism books, familiarized myself with…


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Remembering Neighbourhood Connector Harry Wolfraim

My beloved father passed on in June. An article about his life was recently written in a Toronto newspaper. Through it, my dad continues to teach people what community is all about.
Check it out at

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Creating Community through Song


I wanted to share a wonderful experience that I had and wrote about for The Arcadia Institute blog.


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DANCE IN THE SHADOW film about Rebecca Beayni NOW AVAILABLE!!!


The continuing story of Rebecca Beayni

Film now available

Order now at…


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Independent Living Conference

Sept 15, 2012 is coming up fast. For  those you are planing on attending and having their son or daughter attend, please RSVP soon so that we will have enough volunteers for the self advocates conference portion. We will be doing a scrapbook on My Home. By using pictures of various types of dwellings, the individual will pick the type of home they want to live in - a large apartment building, small apartment building, a single detached home, townhome etc. Then they will decorate their home -…


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Online tools for coordinating a Circle of Support

This link was sent to me and I thought others here might be interested in having a look too:

Cheers, Sarah Forbes.

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51 People - Tim Vogt - StarFire - Cincinnati

If you are interested in creating positive possible futures, you might want to listen in to two videos that were created at the Toronto Summer Institute 2012 - one entitled "Vogt - 51 People", and a second entitled Star Fire Stories.  Both are on this site - and available on youtube.

Vogt - 51 People  …


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