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Fathers, Sons and the In-Between Spaces of Grief

A new blog post - feel free to share and comment.  Hope everyone out there is having a great family day. 


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The Case for Inclusion: Does All Really Mean All?

Things were so simple before. If a student was struggling in your classroom…there obviously was something wrong with them. Not your teaching methods (or curriculum for that matter). Things are not so simple anymore…nor were they ever…really.

The prevailing attitude of “my way or the highway” in education is dying…albeit a slow death. There are those who cling to it because that is what they know. So…I can’t really fault them for it. As with any “practice,” one that involves a…


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7 Ways to Use a Sequential Message AAC Device in the Inclusive Classroom

Here are 7 quick and easy ways to use an AAC device in an inclusive environment:

1) Recite: Every morning across America, children are reciting the Pledge of Allegiance! This is one of the easiest ways to include our students…you can setup the device to recite the whole thing…or sequence the pledge so that your student has to hit the switch at certain points in the pledge. They can lead the class in the pledge or simply participate during morning announcements.

2) Count:…


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5 things I am doing differently at my school this year

As the first weeks of the school year have come and gone, I have started to reflect on how I can improve my teaching practices. Here are five things I am doing differently at my school this year…I hope you can find them helpful.

1. Have no fear.

I believe fear is a huge obstacle that special and general educators have a hard time getting over when it comes to inclusion. We fear what we don’t understand…we fear the unknown… If you are an educator, inclusion is…


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Torture in Rotenberg Centre - MA - Brutal - sign the petition to stop it

Emily Titon is a a remarkable talented and relentless advocate for Justice.  The link below takes you to a posting with Huffington Post - and a video interview including Emily, ,Greg Miller and Fredda Brown -

Be sure to check the links below - particularly the GRAPHIC VIDEO:  tape of Teen being Shocked.. hard to watch but impossible to refute. 

then sign the petition.…


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A Blog Post about how we communication with our kids sometimes telepathically

Let me know what you think - do you think that you have a psychic connection to your kids?

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Using Our Senses to Give the Best Care to our Children

Here's the second in a mini-series about how we know our vulnerable loved ones (our kids, but seniors too) more fully when we use all our senses to observe them.

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The Most Bullied of All

Gary Bunch has written a short and powerful 'op ed' type of article on bullying.  It's worth a read.  Please use it.

It's attached.



As the start of school approaches, some students look forward to it even less than does the average student. They are the students with disabilities. They…


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