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Here is a Youtube video of me speaking about my book....

The Four Walls of My Freedom - published by McArthur and Co., 2010.

Hope you can view it this way!


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Inspiration and Delight

Many people will recall the wonderful animated film "The Man Who Planted Trees" by the Canadian artist Frederic Back. The film charmed millions, including the Academy Award judges of 1987. Based on an allegorical story by… Continue

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Nicholas is Home!

The eagle has landed. Nicholas is home. He is catching up on missed time online and I am going to have a shower and go to bed very early. We all feel so relieved that Nick's pain and spasticity are so much better with a functioning intrathecal pump and we just happy to be home together. Thanks to all for your thoughts and prayers. Next week, a few new blogs!

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What Will Tomorrow Bring?

My son Nicholas had surgery on Tuesday to replace a broken spinal cord pain pump system. He had a his first good day in a long while today. Hopefully, the xray taken today will show that the new pump is in place, there will be no complications overnight and tomorrow afternoon we can come home.

Nicholas feeling more energetic, Mum feeling like that goo ghosts leave behind. Once Nicholas is home and absolutely fine - that's when I will sleep.

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Yesterday, I brought my son Nicholas to the National Neurology Hospital in London. I requested (rather energetically) an emergency appointment because Nick's left leg was stiff, painful and periodically in spasm. I had a feeling that perhaps his spinal cord pain pump wasn't functioning properly. We arrived at noon and waited in the lounge area of the neuro-rehab inpatient unit. We had suitcases with us, because the doctor told us that Nick would be admitted. A special x-ray of his pump… Continue

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Power and Love

I am stopped in my tracks by Adam Kahane's book, "Power and Love: A Theory and Practice of Social Change" (Berrett-Koehler Publishers, San Francisco, 2010).

Take this for example, "In order to address our toughest challenges, we must indeed connect, but this is not enough; we must also grow. In other words, we must exercise both love (the drive to unity) and power(the drive to self-realization). If we choose either love or power, we will get stuck in re-creating existing…

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What is Cultural Decision Making?

Everyone, at some point in their lives, has been the victim of administrative decision making that did not meet their needs. In fact, being on the receiving end of administrative decision making can sometimes cause blood pressure to rise and language to turn blue. In my last post, I described the idea of cultural vs administrative decision making.

So, what does cultural decision making in action look like? Here in the UK, are two fine examples. The director of NAAPS, Alex Fox,…

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In my blog entry yesterday, I talked about the UK innovative housing initiative for vulnerable people called "NAAPS". Well, that organization was in the news again today. Linda Jackson writing for the Guardian, tells the stories of adults with development disabilities who are being moved from residential settings into family homes for the first time. For Stephen Gilbert and Nigel Webb, outings with a family to vintage car rallies, community swimming pools or a cinema are completely… Continue

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Health Care Reform, Please!

I am a big supporter of our national health care in Canada, but I think it needs reform now. Advances in medicine and technology mean that we are living longer, but not necessarily healthier. A health care system based on the notion of equity for all has come to a point where all Canadians expect the same level of state of the art treatment, often involving years of complex, longterm care. An aging and educated population with a strong sense of entitlement will spell the tipping point… Continue

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