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Tracks Across the Sand - A powerful Story of Land and Language recovery - with leadership from the margins

As we approach a new year, a new era, I have been watching a remarkable DVD - Tracks Across the Sand, directed by Hugh Brody - a Canadian who was a powerful quiet innovator during the Mackenzie Valley Pipelines (70's) and throughout the Arctic in Canada.  It tracks the grotesque exclusion of the Sans people of the Southern Kalahari in South Africa.  They were declared non-people; expelled; their language was pronounced extinct, and then in the 90's, a family/clan emerged and began a…


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Befriending Sherri - a Citizen Advocacy story - CBC - 6 minute listen - worth it!!

John O'Brien posted in The Art of Social Change


John O'Brien     1:56pm Dec 15

Not quite the current practice of Citizen Advocacy, but a story of real and lasting relationship.

    Patti Morris Essay: Befriending Sherri (Hr. 3) | The Sunday…


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Landfull Harmonic - a Story of Enormous Possibility

In Paraguay, where for many, life is genuinely difficult, a few people with a vision, and the capacity to think well out of the box, decided to create music - harmony - and a future for their youth - literally from the dump.  It's a short powerful story of enormous possibility.  And if they can do it.. why not you, me  - us. 

It's 11 minutes you will not regret your investment!



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Direct Funding in Ontario - join the line

An excellent short piece by some Ontario advocates pointing out the layers of struggle for families to just get along and have a life..  More work to do...


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See our blog this week.. Promote this idea!

VisitAble Communities

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