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Idle No More - video link - on Al-Jazeera

The struggle for fundamental human rights continues.

An excellent overview from Al-Jazeera

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Idle No More - Support Chief Theresa Spence - on Hunger Strike for OUR rights since Dec. 11!

Chief Theresa Spence began her hunger strike on Dec. 11.  She is offering leadership to all of us to stand up for fundamental justice for all - and all means all - us included.  The Idle No More movement is now global as concerned citizens everywhere are standing up as in 'occupy' 'Arab Spring', 'Maple Spring' - and now Idle No More.  Join us however you can.  It is a new beginning for 2013 - as we ally with others to create the future we want!…


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Tracks Across the Sand - A powerful Story of Land and Language recovery - with leadership from the margins

As we approach a new year, a new era, I have been watching a remarkable DVD - Tracks Across the Sand, directed by Hugh Brody - a Canadian who was a powerful quiet innovator during the Mackenzie Valley Pipelines (70's) and throughout the Arctic in Canada.  It tracks the grotesque exclusion of the Sans people of the Southern Kalahari in South Africa.  They were declared non-people; expelled; their language was pronounced extinct, and then in the 90's, a family/clan emerged and began a…


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Befriending Sherri - a Citizen Advocacy story - CBC - 6 minute listen - worth it!!

John O'Brien posted in The Art of Social Change


John O'Brien     1:56pm Dec 15

Not quite the current practice of Citizen Advocacy, but a story of real and lasting relationship.

    Patti Morris Essay: Befriending Sherri (Hr. 3) | The Sunday…


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Landfull Harmonic - a Story of Enormous Possibility

In Paraguay, where for many, life is genuinely difficult, a few people with a vision, and the capacity to think well out of the box, decided to create music - harmony - and a future for their youth - literally from the dump.  It's a short powerful story of enormous possibility.  And if they can do it.. why not you, me  - us. 

It's 11 minutes you will not regret your investment!



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Direct Funding in Ontario - join the line

An excellent short piece by some Ontario advocates pointing out the layers of struggle for families to just get along and have a life..  More work to do...


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See our blog this week.. Promote this idea!

VisitAble Communities

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International DAy of Persons with Disabilities

Join the City in a celebration of People with disabilities. Take your family down, make yourself visible, write a story about the joy of knowing someone with a disability.

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This past summer, I was spending time with my friend Stephanie in Uptown Waterloo.  We were wandering around the park and walking about town when we heard some upbeat music and the sounds of people having fun.  We followed the sound of excitement until we reached Waterloo Town Square.  There we found a diverse group of people laughing, smiling and moving all around.  We were not sure what they were up to - but we saw big blue balls, smiling faces, and heard the sounds of laughter.  It was…


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Adam Kahane - How to Change the Future

Adam Kahane - brilliant talk (17 minutes) on the simplicity and complexity of actually creating change.  Well worth your time.

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Faith Jegede: What I've learned from my autistic brothers

A remarkable new TED talk- only 5 minutes - well worth your time.…


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The WE CAN Game - a free download to explore gifts and capacities with your team/organization

Cormac Russell has invented a captivating 'game' that can flip negativity into an exploration of possibility - quickly - with groups of all sizes.  It is quite remarkable.  And it can be played with everyone!  All sizes, shapes, ages, abilities.  Basically people work in small groups of about 10 ideally.  There could be many groups playing simultaneously in a room.

Using a deck of 100 CAPACITY CARDS - people discover the wide range of skills and capacities they have…


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Welcome one and all.. PATH & MAPS - Nov. 12-14 in Toronto

Nov. 12-14 - in Toronto - PATH & MAPS - Person Centered Ways to Build Community

Three days of extraordinary shared learning - in downtown Toronto - with Lynda Kahn & Jack Pearpoint

Teams welcome - and because we believe in inclusion and diversity - no reasonable offer will be refused.

Call or e-mail - us - or for information.

The url for the flier is attached.…


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Tom Kohler's other story: Skeptics be Gone

Skeptics Be Gone

By Reprinted from "The Citizen Advocate," JanuarSkeptics%20Be%20Gone.docy/February 1998


There are many different stories that come from this idea and work we call citizen…


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Tom Kohler suggested two remarkable articles: Dollars instead of Emotions (1)



“I never had any knowledge of the citizen advocacy program prior to this, so naturally when a man named

Mr.Tom Kohler contacted me by phone, I was set back to some…


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Future Aspirations for the Toronto Dist School Board - by Gary Bunch

This is a Submission by Gary Bunch (Marsha Forest Centre) to the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) Town Hall Meeting on Inclusive Education, Oct, 2, 2012


I speak from both a professional and a person perspective about education and students with varying abilities. As a professional, I have worked with students with varying abilities for over 50 years, first in segregated schools and then in developing inclusive education. I have…


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Fathers, Sons and the In-Between Spaces of Grief

A new blog post - feel free to share and comment.  Hope everyone out there is having a great family day. 


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The Case for Inclusion: Does All Really Mean All?

Things were so simple before. If a student was struggling in your classroom…there obviously was something wrong with them. Not your teaching methods (or curriculum for that matter). Things are not so simple anymore…nor were they ever…really.

The prevailing attitude of “my way or the highway” in education is dying…albeit a slow death. There are those who cling to it because that is what they know. So…I can’t really fault them for it. As with any “practice,” one that involves a…


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7 Ways to Use a Sequential Message AAC Device in the Inclusive Classroom

Here are 7 quick and easy ways to use an AAC device in an inclusive environment:

1) Recite: Every morning across America, children are reciting the Pledge of Allegiance! This is one of the easiest ways to include our students…you can setup the device to recite the whole thing…or sequence the pledge so that your student has to hit the switch at certain points in the pledge. They can lead the class in the pledge or simply participate during morning announcements.

2) Count:…


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