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our Learning Journey in Maori Aotearoa (New Zealand)

Ko koe, ko au, ko tāua, ko tātou katoa kia mahi tahi

You, me, we, us, together we make a community

Lynda and I are on a Learning Journey in Aotearoa (New Zealand).  It is our privilege to spend time with the networks of…


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A World Cafe on Inclusive Communities and Economic Sustainability

We had our first virtual World Café on Inclusive Communities and Economic Sustainability: Holding on to what matters in community living as public money grows more scarce. We want to thank all of you for contributing your ideas and wisdom it was an amazing start for us to begin a journey of discovering what is possible. I want to thank my co-hosts Amy Lenzo and Ben Roberts of…


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The Ins and Outs of Disability and Education - by Gary Bunch


The Ins and Outs of Disability and Education

By Gary Bunch

I have been wondering for quite some time about the often-strained relationships between school systems and parents when it comes to choosing the special education approach or the inclusive approach to disability and education.The special education approach is based on a range of placement settings in response to the needs of students experiencing various types and degrees… Continue

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Transitioning to Life After Secondary School - by Gary Bunch

Transitioning to Life After Secondary School

As the new school year begins, it is useful for families and teachers to think about how to make the best of the high school year, especially if this if the final secondary school year. Planning for the change from school to life beyond school should be a secondary school priority. …


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Community Connectors

Hello All

I came across this wonderful reflection by Ray Thompson which was introduced by our dear friend, John McKnight, I think in Antigonish. I have included the intro and the reflection


As some of you know, we have been working on learning what a person designated to be a "school community connector" can contribute to a new era of school-community relationships. In a month or two we should have a report on this initiative on our website -… Continue

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Hi everyone,

I am new to the inclusion network and have been asked to post something about SRV ( Social Role Valorisation).

I recently undertook an intensive (and very emotional) 7 day course called PASSING. It looks deeper into the concept of SRV put forth by a man named wolf wolfensberger.

SRV looks at people who are devauled or at risk of being devauled, ie, people with disabilities, mental illness, the elderly and also, those in Prison.

It focuses on…


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Interesting Stats ....

.... Seems that people are looking forward to Toronto Summer Institute 2010!

Take a look at the Network Usage Stats for today!

This week we had 74 first time visitors, compared to our weekly average of 11.…


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Silk Painting at TSI2010

Another first for the Institute - we will be (well I will be) offering a short hands on experience with silk painting. We invite you to think about joining us..
Have a look at my web site to see what I'm up to - and how much fun this just might be.


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We all rock!

My name is Nathan Basha. I am an 18yr old guy who happens to have Down syndrome. I live in Australia. I look forward to being a spokesperson as a much younger Dr Phil but with quick wit and humour which may be a tool i can use to get people to listen and understand the advantages and the personal challenges that could occur with having a disability. We do what we do and we look at the world in a different way. We get up and we dust ourselves off and we do what…

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The Global Community of Inclusion Network

I just cannot help but share this:

Take a look at this map! The red flags represent the geographic location of each of the people that have used the Inclusion Network site throughout the past few months! Remarkable!

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Conversation About Gifts

A Conversation About Gifts

Gifts as defined by John McKnight in terms of Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) can be anything that we like, are at good at, or are passionate or care about. If you think about it for a minute, almost anything could be a gift. I really like the Cincinnati Bengals football team. I know a lot about coaching soccer, although I might not be a very good coach. I may just like it a lot. It could still be my gift. I enjoy running and I may really care about… Continue

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David Sibbet on Visual Meetings

David taught us graphic facilitation. Here is a 10 minute overview of his current thinking & practice.

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The Remarkable Man in the Window -

While traveling, Lynda and I are privileged to hear wonderful stories. This one struck us....

A wonderful direct support person moved to a new town a few years ago. In his neighbourhood, there was a man who sat in his front window staring at the the world - without interacting. Everyone noticed him, but no one knew him. Then, fate intervened and there was a nasty robbery across the street. Everyone was upset but there were no clues - until the… Continue

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