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Common Threads Reflections

Reflections on Common Threads


A conference sponsored by The Ontario Independent Facilitation Network in partnership with

The Individualized Funding Coalition for Ontario

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our Learning Journey in Maori Aotearoa (New Zealand)

Ko koe, ko au, ko tāua, ko tātou katoa kia mahi tahi

You, me, we, us, together we make a community

Lynda and I are on a Learning Journey in Aotearoa (New Zealand).  It is our privilege to spend time with the networks of…


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With deep sadness - Ray Cohan - founder and Editor of Abilities Magazine - and so much more...

Oct. 18, 1948 - March 22, 2013

With deep sadness, Lynda and I are part of the team informing Ray's thousands of network collaborators, that last night after a lengthy illness, Ray's body, very suddenly this week, collapsed.  He passed from pain to peace at 11:30 last night (March 22) in Toronto Western Hospital surrounded by…


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We Were Children - the story of Residential Schools in Canada

A brilliant film that peels the hidden and grotesque truth of how our 'dominant' culture attempted genocide on Aboriginal Canadians - and failed.  Two survivor stories are told with grace and clarity.  A must watch.


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"Storytellers are the enemies of all champions of control," Chinua Achebe

"Storytellers are the enemies of all champions of control,"

                         Chinua Achebe

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Katie Byron on Racism and Prejudice - About Changing Your Narrative - and your life...

Katie Byron on Racism and Prejudice


powerful exploration/demonstration of the power of the stories we tell ourselves - and the capacity to change our narrative - and our futures...

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The WORLD PEACE Game... John Hunter - letting Children CREATE viable futures...


WELL worth your 20 minutes.... Brilliant teaching, innovation, facilitation - creation!!

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The Future of Learning - not schooling... TED talk Prize winner!!!

education innovator Dr. Sugata Mitra.  It's his acceptance speech for this year's TED Prize.

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The Future Leadership in Africa... emerging in a spectacular explosion of talent and energy

Take 2 minutes - and see the future emerging...


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33rd Annual Covered Dish for Chatham-Savannah Citizen Advocacy

We hope you'll mark your calendar and join us for our 35th Annual Covered Dish Supper and Celebration in Savannah coming up on Thursday, May 9th from 5:30 - 8:30 at the Savannah Station... here is a video that will give you taste of the event!    A remarkable event - you could go... OR... start organizing wherever you are... you could start in your kitchen.. and grow.. invite a couple of people to share - and get started!!…


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Janine Shepherd: A Broken Body isn't a Broken Person - Ted Talk - worth your 18 minutes

Janine Shepherd was an Australian Olympic bike racer - hit by a van - and had to rebuild her life.  She did - she has.  Brilliant reframing of the opportunities of a life well lived.


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Idle No More - video link - on Al-Jazeera

The struggle for fundamental human rights continues.

An excellent overview from Al-Jazeera


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Idle No More - Support Chief Theresa Spence - on Hunger Strike for OUR rights since Dec. 11!

Chief Theresa Spence began her hunger strike on Dec. 11.  She is offering leadership to all of us to stand up for fundamental justice for all - and all means all - us included.  The Idle No More movement is now global as concerned citizens everywhere are standing up as in 'occupy' 'Arab Spring', 'Maple Spring' - and now Idle No More.  Join us however you can.  It is a new beginning for 2013 - as we ally with others to create the future we want!…


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Tracks Across the Sand - A powerful Story of Land and Language recovery - with leadership from the margins

As we approach a new year, a new era, I have been watching a remarkable DVD - Tracks Across the Sand, directed by Hugh Brody - a Canadian who was a powerful quiet innovator during the Mackenzie Valley Pipelines (70's) and throughout the Arctic in Canada.  It tracks the grotesque exclusion of the Sans people of the Southern Kalahari in South Africa.  They were declared non-people; expelled; their language was pronounced extinct, and then in the 90's, a family/clan emerged and began a…


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Befriending Sherri - a Citizen Advocacy story - CBC - 6 minute listen - worth it!!

John O'Brien posted in The Art of Social Change


John O'Brien     1:56pm Dec 15

Not quite the current practice of Citizen Advocacy, but a story of real and lasting relationship.


    Patti Morris Essay: Befriending Sherri (Hr. 3) | The Sunday…


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Landfull Harmonic - a Story of Enormous Possibility

In Paraguay, where for many, life is genuinely difficult, a few people with a vision, and the capacity to think well out of the box, decided to create music - harmony - and a future for their youth - literally from the dump.  It's a short powerful story of enormous possibility.  And if they can do it.. why not you, me  - us. 

It's 11 minutes you will not regret your investment!



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Direct Funding in Ontario - join the line

An excellent short piece by some Ontario advocates pointing out the layers of struggle for families to just get along and have a life..  More work to do...


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Adam Kahane - How to Change the Future

Adam Kahane - brilliant talk (17 minutes) on the simplicity and complexity of actually creating change.  Well worth your time.


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Faith Jegede: What I've learned from my autistic brothers

A remarkable new TED talk- only 5 minutes - well worth your time.…


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