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The WE CAN Game - a free download to explore gifts and capacities with your team/organization

Cormac Russell has invented a captivating 'game' that can flip negativity into an exploration of possibility - quickly - with groups of all sizes.  It is quite remarkable.  And it can be played with everyone!  All sizes, shapes, ages, abilities.  Basically people work in small groups of about 10 ideally.  There could be many groups playing simultaneously in a room.

Using a deck of 100 CAPACITY CARDS - people discover the wide range of skills and capacities they have…


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Welcome one and all.. PATH & MAPS - Nov. 12-14 in Toronto

Nov. 12-14 - in Toronto - PATH & MAPS - Person Centered Ways to Build Community

Three days of extraordinary shared learning - in downtown Toronto - with Lynda Kahn & Jack Pearpoint

Teams welcome - and because we believe in inclusion and diversity - no reasonable offer will be refused.

Call or e-mail - us - or cathy@inclusion.com for information.

The url for the flier is attached.…


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Tom Kohler's other story: Skeptics be Gone

Skeptics Be Gone

By Reprinted from "The Citizen Advocate," JanuarSkeptics%20Be%20Gone.docy/February 1998


There are many different stories that come from this idea and work we call citizen advocacy. I have chosen to share one afternoon in the life of one citizen…


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Tom Kohler suggested two remarkable articles: Dollars instead of Emotions (1)



“I never had any knowledge of the citizen advocacy program prior to this, so naturally when a man named

Mr.Tom Kohler contacted me by phone, I was set back to some extent. Tom explained to me that there was a

young man believed to be…


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Future Aspirations for the Toronto Dist School Board - by Gary Bunch

This is a Submission by Gary Bunch (Marsha Forest Centre) to the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) Town Hall Meeting on Inclusive Education, Oct, 2, 2012


I speak from both a professional and a person perspective about education and students with varying abilities. As a professional, I have worked with students with varying abilities for over 50 years, first in segregated schools and then in developing inclusive education. I have…


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Torture in Rotenberg Centre - MA - Brutal - sign the petition to stop it

Emily Titon is a a remarkable talented and relentless advocate for Justice.  The link below takes you to a posting with Huffington Post - and a video interview including Emily, ,Greg Miller and Fredda Brown -

Be sure to check the links below - particularly the GRAPHIC VIDEO:  tape of Teen being Shocked.. hard to watch but impossible to refute. 

then sign the petition.…


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The Most Bullied of All

Gary Bunch has written a short and powerful 'op ed' type of article on bullying.  It's worth a read.  Please use it.

It's attached.



As the start of school approaches, some students look forward to it even less than does the average student. They are the students with disabilities. They…


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51 People - Tim Vogt - StarFire - Cincinnati

If you are interested in creating positive possible futures, you might want to listen in to two videos that were created at the Toronto Summer Institute 2012 - one entitled "Vogt - 51 People", and a second entitled Star Fire Stories.  Both are on this site - and available on youtube.

Vogt - 51 People  …


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Gristle in the Stew - a CBC documentary on the closing of Huronia Institution and the new Class Action Suit

This is a remarkable radio documentary - frightening, tragic, powerful - and a must listen.  One of many reasons to listen is to be reminded that our 'best intentions' often have devastating and even deadly consequences (2000 unmarked dead at Huronia alone) and at the systems level, we 'knew' and sanctioned this 'behaviour' for nearly 150 years!

Equally important, is the fact that a few brave souls have courageously decided to take a stand.  Jim and Marilyn Dolmage, Patricia,…


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Resources for Inclusion - the Inclusion Press Catalogue

If you like to browse catalogues, we recommend this one.. Inclusion Press - a treasure trove of resources we publish and recommend.    It is always a work in progress - so the web page (www.inclusion.com) is usually a few items ahead, but its a great start.  Enjoy.



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The Values of Inclusion - an epub book for ipad users (only)

Available Now - free - is the interactive epub video book entitled  The Values of Inclusion.

It emerged from the Down Under Institute (DUI) in Sydney, Australia - based on a talk by Heather Simmons from Perth - on 'the Values of Inclusion'.  It was a hit.  So, we made a video, divided it into chapters, selected supportive articles and poems…


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Bolshy Divas...An Australian contribution to the world

We are in Australia.. and this past week we have encountered the work of the Bolshy Divas..

John O'Brien, Connie Lyle O'Brien, Lynda Kahn and I - and we're all impressed... and want to share their wisdom..

We think there are 'sisters in spirit' everywhere - and their incisive analysis, delivered with humor and spice in a powerful contributor to a healthy debate about the future of support services for people - in Australia and beyond. 

So here is a link to their web site…


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The Back Story from the Three Little Pigs - The Wolf was a victim. Story Telling is an art

For those interested in Story Telling - and how it has evolved.. have fun with this clip from the Guardian.

Was the Wolf a victim?  Did the three little pigs organize an insurance scam?  Possibilities the first story didn't examine very…


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from Stim Nation: S#!T Ignorant People Say To Autistics


Well worth your 3 minutes!!!  enjoy.

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Individualized Planning and Funding at risk??: from a letter to IFCO Members

This is a portion of a letter from the co-chairs of (Individualized Funding Coalition for Ontario (IFCO), Michelle Friesen and Yon Frishman



Yona and I, as co-chairs of IFCO, would like to share what we consider bad news with regard to the future of independent facilitation and planning in Ontario.


Funding for the Real Plans for Real Life program in Ottawa ends as of Mar. 31, 2012.…


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Andrea Bailey - Artist - YUMMYARTY



Andrea Bailey       Artist & Proprietor

We had the privilege of attending a Gallery Show featuring Andrea's work. We recommend it…


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MIXIT TV Special - Episode 5


MIXIT is a UK group of musicians and dancers who inspire and motivate audiences all over UK.  Recently they have started their own TV show.  Enjoy episode 5

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Toronto Newsgirls Boxing Club - A PATH Story by Savoy Kapow Howe

This story borrowed with permission from Savoy - and the ...



February 2012



"Glass half full, glass half full, glass half full, glass half full....."

- Kapow! Howe -


In the Spring of 2006 after 8 years of renting the Sully's Boxing Club to…


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What am I Skating Towards - Jack Pearpoint

This is a short article that Al Etmanski posted  - and some folk liked it - so I'm sharing...


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Waddie Welcome - emerging as a play - with your participation...

Waddie Welcome - a book, a movie - and now - A PLAY - with your help.  It moved Nikki Booker from Cincinnati, OH - to discover her real passion as a playright.

Watch this brief interview with Nikki and Tom Kohler - and then join the team.…


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