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Walk on By - BBC programme on Community violence - discovered by Gerv Leyden - in Nottingham

Gervase Leyden (Nottingham) (Board member of the Marsha Forest Centre)

saw this story on the BBC News website and thought you should see it.

** Fight or flight - would you 'have a go'? **

How would you react if you saw someone being attacked in the street?

Britain has been called a "bystander society" but new

research shows we are more likely to intervene than expected.…


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Transitioning to Life After Secondary School - by Gary Bunch

Transitioning to Life After Secondary School

As the new school year begins, it is useful for families and teachers to think about how to make the best of the high school year, especially if this if the final secondary school year. Planning for the change from school to life beyond school should be a secondary school priority. …


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Mindfulness DVD & Booklet now available...

Many of you will have met Alan Sloan through various Toronto Summer Institutes and beyond. We are delighted to announce that his long awaited DVD and booklet are now available. There are four short introductory talks, and four in-depth talks on the DVD - along with an edited transcript in an enclosed booklet. If you personally or your organization/networks are interested in discovering confidence, compassion and… Continue

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The Remarkable Man in the Window -

While traveling, Lynda and I are privileged to hear wonderful stories. This one struck us....

A wonderful direct support person moved to a new town a few years ago. In his neighbourhood, there was a man who sat in his front window staring at the the world - without interacting. Everyone noticed him, but no one knew him. Then, fate intervened and there was a nasty robbery across the street. Everyone was upset but there were no clues - until the… Continue

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Micah Fialka - David defeats Goliath - Micah WINS

This is a remarkable good news/new year story that deserves to be circulated widely. Micah and his remarkable family have battled university bureaucracy for two years and just won a federal court ruling that he can live in residence starting January 2010. This means that thousands of students will have new access to learning - and perhaps even more important - millions of college and university students will have a more rounded education that personally introduces them to additional layers… Continue

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Right to Education - in India - Relentless Vigilance Required - everywhere

Gary Bunch, Lynda and I have had the privilege of doing some work with the The National Resource Centre for Inclusion in Mumbai, India. We thought this note from Dr. Mithu Alur (the Director) might keep us all on track for relentless vigilance. Great work has been done - but we can never 'assume' our work is done. Jack

My dear friends,

You must have heard about how the Right to Education Bill left out children with disabilities from their mandate! I thought I’d give you a… Continue

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Our Inclusion Wall Words

We had an Inclusion Wall. We posted our words. Here they are:

ABCD, Excite, Inspiration, Actualize, Change, Refresh, Learning from others, Building, Inspire, Actualize, Together, Development, Learning, New ideas, Knowledge, Propell, Absorb, Relationships, Be Still, Networking, Surdo, Open, Boundary Spanning, Appreciation, Sustainability, Rejuvenation, Choice, Possibilities, Improvement, Focus, Support, Collaborate, Sharing, Learn, Proactive, Support, Vibrancy, “He Tangata” It is the… Continue

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Learning: Student Attitudes -- Making Friends, or Making Fun? by Gary Bunch


Student Attitudes -- Making Friends, or Making Fun?

Special Ed versus an Inclusive Approach in School

By Gary Bunch

How do typical students feel about their peers with disabilities? Does it make a difference if they are in a school following the "special education" model or a school that is inclusive? Are friendships made, or are insults endured? Do typical students advocate for their peers with disabilities?

These questions motivated York… Continue

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Human Rights: Disability and Inclusive Education - by Gary Bunch

Human Rights

Disability and Inclusive Education

By Gary Bunch

I am really interested in inclusive education and disability. I always have been, even when I was teaching in segregated education settings. I kept running into kids who could have been educated back home in their community schools. It seemed the only reason they were in special settings was that they qualified for some sort of label - and kids with educational labels went to special settings. Of course,… Continue

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Early Childhood Inclusive Education - by Gary Bunch

Early Childhood Inclusive Education

By Gary Bunch

You may have seen the recent movie, Slumdog Millionaire. It was shot in Mumbai (formerly Bombay), India. The movie begins with shots of a section of Mumbai called Dharavi. Dharavi is known as the largest slum in Asia, and it home to some 700,000 people. The conditions in Dharavi are tragic for many of its inhabitants, particularly the children, most of whom have little to look forward to in life.

I know Dharavi… Continue

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the Inclusion Press LOGO...

Our logo is a combination of three ‘korus’. A koru is a ‘fiddle head’ - an ‘unfolding fern’ that symbolizes new life, hope, eternity. It is a fractal, with endless and beautiful repetition of a pattern. Koru is a Maori word chosen because of our deep connections with the Tuhoe tribe of the Aotearoha (New Zealand) Maoris. All three korus are reaching out - growing - making connections.

There are many more threes in the Inclusion… Continue

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Paul Hawken's Commencement Address - Portland, May 09 - a wonderful and thoughtful piece

Healing or Stealing?

The Commencement Address by Paul Hawken to the Class of 2009, University of

Portland, May 3, 2009

When I was invited to give this speech, I was asked if I could give a simple short talk that was

“direct, naked, taut, honest, passionate, lean, shivering, startling, and graceful.” No pressure there.

Let’s begin with the startling part. Class of 2009: you are going to have to figure out what it means to

be a human being on earth at a… Continue

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Welcome to Toronto

We are in 'the mayhem' of preparation getting ready for your arrival. You will be 'packing', and very soon, all this planning and thinking and preparation will merge into the new and unique creation - the Toronto Summer Institute 2009.

Remarkably, Summer Institutes have been occurring since 1984 - when we held the first 'full blown' Institute at McGill University in Montreal. That is a little humbling, but here we are in 2009 - still going.. still learning ... still challenged by the… Continue

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