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As visitors to a neighbouring ning site, 'inclusiveandsustainable' know, my central interest is in how we can ensure that inclusion is part of the way we address the (other)big 21st Century issues, especially global sustainability. Clearly we can't advance inclusion if there is no world to be included in!

The best part of my Christmas reading so far has been Susan George’s new book (Polity 2010) Whose Crisis, Whose Future? Towards a Greener, Fairer, Richer World. This is an
articulate and passionate analysis of the state we are in – and how we might
escape from it before it is too late.


She argues that the major global crises of the 21st Century - global warming; massive and growing inequality; conflict over food, water and energy; and  economies focused on ‘growth’ not well-being
– are interlinked and driven by a completely broken financial system rightly
labelled ‘casino capitalism’.


Some of the solutions to these challenges (e.g. the fundamental redesign of banking) are necessarily technical but clearly won’t happen unless the ruling financial elites and their
allies in governments and global institutions are challenged by a social
movement of ordinary citizens which increasingly brings together efforts
focused on peace, the environment and social justice. This movement needs to
value diversity and seek to be inclusive.


A key objective now should be to secure a ‘green new deal’ (as the UK. New Economics Foundation describes this) with the same level of effort in peaceful means as the democracies
achieved in fighting the Second World War.


This is about all of us. We had better make sure that the future is in our hands.

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Comment by Julie Ann Racino on January 8, 2017 at 12:25am

David: I am currently a member of the Section on the Environment and Natural Resources Administration of the American Society for Public Administration (2016-2017). Thank you for you journal article on the UN Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities, too. Hope you are doing well in 2017, and cannot believe that the time has passed by so swiftly! Julie Ann Racino

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