A Note on Eastern Europe, Human Rights and the Situation in the Ukraine

To Inclusion Members:

      As many of you know, I visited the former Czechoslovakia with my colleague David Towell, then of the King's Fund College and National Development Team of the United Kingdom. A report on reflections on that visit is currently on http://squareup.com/market/community-and-policy-studies

    In addition, the situation in the Ukraine is critical, and in even my local community in the US, we have a Polish Ukranian Church (known for its pierogis) and a Ukranian Club in addition to three Polish Clubs in Utica, Rome and Syracuse. Europe still holds its mark in our young communities with churches only in the 100 year range (e.g., Transfiguration, Polish Catholic) and ethnic-based clubs such as the Italian Toccolana and Galiano Clubs (See, Square).

   I am writing today to urge you to check the situation in the Ukraine, and also the United Nation's web television on Human Rights and conditions there. Thank you, and I will continue as a Member of the International Chapter of the American Society for Public Administration in 2016-2017. Remember war injuries are one of the leading causes of disability worldwide; a Berrigan Peace Fellowship was just given in the amount of $100 to Maxwell School, Syracuse University.


Julie Ann Racino

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