A World Cafe on Inclusive Communities and Economic Sustainability

We had our first virtual World Café on Inclusive Communities and Economic Sustainability: Holding on to what matters in community living as public money grows more scarce. We want to thank all of you for contributing your ideas and wisdom it was an amazing start for us to begin a journey of discovering what is possible. I want to thank my co-hosts Amy Lenzo and Ben Roberts of WeDialogue for hosting our first virtual call together; Amanda George of EITAS and helensandersonassociates for delivering our cafe questions; Brianna Donofrio for being our scribe; Justin Donofrio for our graphic recording and Becky Donofrio for our CLOSING POEM.. Thank you all of your contributions and especially all that attended and offered their own experiences and wisdom.  This will be a journey that will grow over time. I look forward to our next experience. 

We were blessed by having two forms of recording. First we have some of the cafe rounds documented by Brianna Donofrio  cafe round-reflections. She also provided a written recording of our three harvest rounds. Harvest Reflections.

Graphic Recordings from our cafe rounds:

Our Harvests



In Appreciation CIRCL

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Comment by Julie Ann Racino on June 2, 2016 at 11:53am

Thank you; the newsprints are found worldwide, including in corporate America! In 2016, we may still need that timeline and board for events, actions and outcomes with designated or voluntary personnel! There's a lot to do. What has been the inclusion group's approach to the increase in prisons and jails? What about connections that help or hurt in the community (i.e., the concept of negative support)?

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