Wishing all our friends, families, and colleagues the best in 2016-2017!  

During the holiday season and always wishing for peace on earth, inclusion and acceptance of our differences, and futures that are even more than we can envision or hope for in 2016 and beyond. In the US, the federal leadership administration will be transitioning from President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama to an expected substantial change to Republican Donald Trump, Eastern European Melania Trump, his "Apprentice" family Ivanka and Eric, and likely a billionaire class of wealth at the White House. Energy reform in the form of wind and solar may be increased despite opposition to the climate change regulatory agenda with the Environmental Protection Agency also prior designated as a lead in chemical, biological and radiological terrorism. May there be peace on earth and good will toward all!  Julie Ann Racino, American Society for Public Administration, 2016-2017

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