We have just completed another remarkable PATH & MAPS course - in Toronto - all the more remarkable because 8 of the participants are women BOXERS!! 

You heard me right.  Boxers.  And they came because Savoy Howe made a PATH many years ago - and had a vision of a Women's boxing gym. 

Now it's real, and Savoy and her boxers get Path's to help them think about their futures.  It's an amazing story...by amazing young women!! 

TorontoNewGirls - Boxing Club



A remarkable piece of this story is how they got there...

We bumped into Savoy (again) and in conversation she said she would like to bring some of her girls.  Then she send this e-mail to her network.  In 24 hours, 16 people had offered to 'loan' the money for several people to come on the course.  But Savoy had to turn them down, because in 48 hours, all the fees were donated!!!  These are remarkable team/community builders.  

And they are going to be fabulous PATH facilitators!!


April 2011

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.”
- N. Hill -
Something NEW and POWERFUL is coming to Newsgirls this Fall!  We are going to start offering a "PATH" process at the gym to women and Trans people in need.  A PATH is a facilitated goal-setting process that helps people go from being in difficult situations like being depressed and in a rut, or homeless and in crisis to achieving goals they would never have imagined, especially when coming from a mindset of hopelessness. 
I have been doing PATHs with people for over 15 years and they have an amazing success rate.  We actually achieved our gym at Carlaw and Gerrard through the PATH process.  This skill is very useful for personal goal-setting, for helping people in crisis to find hope, and for community building.

Paths can cost as much as $300 to have one facilitated for you.  At Newsgirls, we will start out by offering them for free and then eventually if people want to make a donation it will go towards our Shape Your Life program. 
So here's my plan...there is a PATH course coming up in Toronto May 18 - 20.  The cost of the course i

s $x per person but I have spoken with the facilitators and explained our community of amazing women and Trans, survivors, coaches, front-line workers....and they have generously offered us 5 spots in the course for $x/spot as they like what we are doing for survivors of violence.  A $1250 savings!  I have 5 awesome candidates who are very interested in taking the course but money is a concern. 
My plea to our membership is this....are there peeps out there who would be willing to sponsor one of our 5 gals with the commitment of a reasonable repayment plan?  Like say, you would be repaid $50/month over 8 months (or sooner if the gals can).  Anyone who helps out will receive a 10 class membership at the gym (value $160) for yourself or for someone you know who could use it.  The gym will back up any of our gals who need help with repaying the loan.

I have asked our gals who take the course to then apprenticeship at the gym and at OFA (Opportunity for the Advancement of Women and Children, our partner agency) after the course by each offering 5 free paths to people in need (25 in total).
If you dont' want to lend the money but want to donate it or any part of it, OFA will provide you with a tax receipt.
Thanks in advance for considering this important investment. 

Here is more info....http://www.inclusion.com/workshops.html
"Many people are in a rut.  A rut is nothing but a grave with the ends kicked out."  - V. Havner
 "The PATH is the ladder that gets you out of that rut and seeing sunshine again." - Savoy "Kapow! Howe
Here are some testimonials from members who have had their Path done at the gym in the past year.....
"The Path is the best thing that ever happened to me."  - Newsgirl competitor
"The Path is a great map for when you feel you've lost your course in life." - Newsgirl competitor
"I witnessed someone else's path and it was life changing for everyone involved."- Newsgirl competitor

"We are all motivated by a desire to succeed and a means to that success.  The PATH is the means and I have witnessed its power."
- Newsgirl coach

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Comment by Alistair Welsh on July 12, 2011 at 8:44am
Absolutely love this story Jack and the outcome for Savoy and the group from her one PATH all that time ago. Never underestimate what can happen when people get dreams into their head and down in graphics!! I love to hear of the unexpected directions this work can go in once shared and a group of boxers facilitating PATH's is the best I've hear yet. Alistair

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