Early Childhood Books on Barnes and Noble; Community Participation Series (e.g., Housing, Support and Community)

Dear Friends at Inclusion Network:

       On April 8, 2019, I accessed the Barnes and Noble (Barnes and Noble.com) site from Samsung Galaxy Mini! What a surprise to find Peter Rabbit, "superhero legos" (robotics and drones today, too), and early childhood books! 

        The Community Participation Series, including Housing, Support and Community (Racino, Walker, O'Connor and Taylor, 1993), is available both new and used. The libraries are digitalizing their collections and hard bound books are "moving off the shelves" around the US.

        The Book Series began with Life in the Community: Case Studies of Organizations Supporting People with Disabilities (Taylor, Bogdan and Racino, 1991) where the reader can also find John O'Brien (Responsive Systems Associates),  Douglas Biklen (who later became Dean of Education), Zana Lutfiyya (of Canada and "Wolfensberger's Citizen Advocacy"), and Syracuse Education's Pam Walker (then our student employee), among others.

         I did invite K. Charlie Lakin (one of our subcontractors at University of Minnesota) to author the Foreword to our Syracuse University book (Taylor, Bogdan & Racino, 1991), and was delighted that "the system" in the US had become a community system for the first time as the majority funds shifted from institutions to community settings (Lakin, 1991). Charlie later became Director of federal NIDRR "following in the footsteps of directors such as Bill Graves" who used to meet with us in Washington, DC. "Charlie and I formed the Rehabilitation Research and Training Center for Families and Community Living in the US".

         Steve Taylor even permitted me (Yes, always asked everyone!) to divide his one case study report (state of Wisconsin) into two chapters as we attempted with the US states to address the field's problems in differentiating between adults and children ("mental versus chronological age"). In addition, we struggled with language (e.g., "individualized and flexible") and were all pleased that person-centered finally won the day. Yes,  I carried all the case studies in that brief case for the housing and homes section over to Great Britain, edited on the trip and wrote the Section introductions.

        It's a long story, but we had a five book contract (I negotiated with Melissa Behm of Paul H. Brookes), and Housing, support and community still remains today as the record of the Madison Mutual Housing Association (excellent!), great essays suggested by Rannveig Traustadottir (studying in US from Iceland), and the first ever analyses of the new Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Medicaid Waivers for their coherency and capacity to support housing and support services versus facility-based only models (Racino for state of Connecticut).

       The third book was being authored while I was visiting in London, Manchester, Wales, and traveling over to the Pan Am crash site in Lockerbie (yes, our Suzanne Miazga, also a Syracuse University exchange student). The qualitative studies book (The Variety of Community Experience, Taylor, Bogdan & Lutfiyya, 1995) also features work on new family support services in New York, including the voucher-cash payments, as "the first time ever" (O'Connor, Chapter 12, More Than They Bargained For; Ch. 4, "We're All One Family"). 

       Other books can be found online, including Personnel Preparation in Disability and Community Life (Racino, 2000), with the research studies "of that period" coming from the new community frameworks. Today, of course, interagency agreements are often necessary and desirable unless personnel have dual university appointments between the university schools (e.g., Robert Bogdan, a sociologist with dual appointments in Education and Public Policy/Public Affairs). Bob, who has retired recently, served as the Research Director of the main federal center, and yes, all the students obtained their degrees! 

     Enjoy the Barnes and Noble site, and loved seeing the B&N offices located near the Javits Convention Center in New York City during the historic 2016 US Presidential campaign.

Julie Ann Racino, ASPA, HHSA, 2019

Cornell University and Syracuse University (Maxwell) Alumni





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