LOV Dane Newsletter from Madison and from Australia Belonging.. Aging in Community DVD

LoV Dane is a community organization in Madison ,Wisconsin started by families their loved ones with disabilities, and their neighbors, growing to involve lots of people from all walks of life working together for a better Madison. Families getting organized, and 'working together on what they can't do alone' is one of the most powerful opportunities for community building for inclusion I think... particularly now when there is such an urgent need amid economic pressures for innovation and a new kind of partnership between people with disabilities, local communities, and familie. Many of you know Amanda, Stefanie, and the LoVies. Newsletter attached. LOV-Dane Newsletter 2010 FINAL.pdf

A second really good resource is a new DVD and course for the Australian Ministry of Aging by Ted Smeaton,ABCD Institute faculty. Ted came to TSI last year. Use a search engine to go to "U Tube Ted Smeaton." for DVD in five parts. Wonderful practical ideas about ABCD for Inclusion with a focus on elders being recognized as people with gifts to give that communities need.

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