We had an Inclusion Wall. We posted our words. Here they are:

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Inclusion Wall Questions


How do we know others Gifts and Dreams?

Common Threads:
Bring forth the gifts!
How do we really know, understand, and give our gifts.

How do we sustain commitments to people in an environment that works to undermine our efforts?

Is everybody asking the same question?
If so cant there be many answers to the same questions.

How can we do things really different?
Break the rules & stay safe..

How do we know that what we are doing is right?
How do we measure improvement & do we have the right?

Listen to questions, concerns
Meet new friends every year.
Where do we get strength and measure the journey?

How can we all work together?
What is the definition of “all”? and what does that really mean?

How to:
-Remove Power
-Create Open Thinking
-Accept Ourselves and Lead/Share with Others

How to increase and maintain empowerment?

How to deepen my intuition that gives me the right question?

-How can we improve?
-What we are doing, re-evaluating what we are doing.
-Lives that are too scheduled
-A desire to do better

Do I really get it? & will I get it by the time we finish!?

How do we remain energized and supported as we live our values counter-culturally?
How do we remain connected to “good company”, as we ask the questions?

In our mutual exchange what will we leave or take with us that will sustain us through the next round?

Is it always going to be such a fight? Do I always need to be so protected?

How can we help others to become more comfortable with differences?

Will most of us have the courage and the willpower to live independently?

How do we sustain ourselves while changing the framework of our work to identify gifts & capacities within person centered planning processes?

Building Energy Vs. Battling Resistance= Do it anyway!

What stops/prevents a positive sustainable change in Georgia?

How can I identify my own assumptions/beliefs in order to understand their impact on what it is I want to do?
How do I see my own blind spot?
And how do I change whatever led to my blind spot in the first place?

I am concerned that…
There aren’t enough of us to make a difference
-Our visions are varied
-Inclusion is ongoing, we will never be “finished” the way a policy wil be.
I am just one person
-It’s hard to read my own biases
-There are always misunderstandings

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