our Learning Journey in Maori Aotearoa (New Zealand)

Ko koe, ko au, ko tāua, ko tātou katoa kia mahi tahi
You, me, we, us, together we make a community

Lynda and I are on a Learning Journey in Aotearoa (New Zealand).  It is our privilege to spend time with the networks of PATH Facilitators who have been trained and mobilized by Kataraina Pipi over that past decade.  We have been hearing from teams that are working with families (whanau), youth, health, gambling, families and individuals in crisis situations, organizational planning, network building... and more.  It seems that Kataraina has introduced this approach into a vast array of Maori networks, and because it is fundamentally a 'framework' for a series of conversations to organize the 'Pathfinders' aspirations, it has taken hold.  It is not an 'imposition' of someone else's rules.  It is a way to focus listening more deeply to the often unrecognized and upspoken visions and dreams of the futures people desperately desire.  

One of our observations is that PATH has arrived at a time when there is a powerful renewal and strengthening of Maori culture and history, and PATH seems to be a very supportive partner in this journey. The traditional values are being melded with the PATH planning rather than PATH imposing yet another set of rules and regulations into people's traditions.


And we listened (wonderful choral singing) and watched to brilliant, committed, dynamic presentations that were using PATH to create positive futures.

Kataraina Pipi and her work partner Paora Te Hurihanganui are master teachers of PATH


We have been privileged to see presentations of PATH in Action - made by many groups utilizing PATH in a wide range of circumstances.

Kia Ora
Jack & Lynda

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