The Circle Way: A Leader in Every Chair

There have been discussions in the ABCD and Inclusion group about circle practice or community circles. Beyond Welfare in Ames, Lov Dane in Madison, and many many other places around the world use circle practice to build connection, find meaning, and discover new possibilities. I am learning more about this simple profound way from Beyond Welfare and Lov Dane and many others. I love circles and how it changes the way people are together. I want to suggest a wonderful new book "The Circle Way: A Leader in Every Chair" by Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea (2010). Margaret Wheatley says in the book's introduction" We don't discover circle practice as much as we remember it. Circle process is not a technique but a heritage. it is familiar to people everywhere on the planet."" My mother, a wonderful cook, used to say "Anything is better with butter!" In community.. Anything in a circle is better.

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