The Importance of Leadership Development in Shifting to a Culture of Gentleness

“Sustainable Culture Shift and Organization Change begin with personal growth and transformation” by Alan Sloan. This is the name of the 11 hour module that I attended at the 2012 Toronto Summer Institute on Inclusion with prominent world thinkers and leaders in Inclusion. The fundamental elements that must be nurtured, personally, culturally, and organizationally are based on extensive current research on profound social change along with being based on the wisdom of ancient cultures. For me, it resonated with inherent knowing and common sense. Organizations are made of human beings. Therefore, basic elements of personal change are also the basic elements of cultural and organizational change. Integrity is foundational to all authentic change. There are three elements that follow similar meanings across the following ancienttraditions as well as recent cutting edge discoveries.

Mindfulness in THE WORK
Integrity: bringing together who I am with what I do

If we are to change the culture of the work we do for peace, justice, and equality, in particular, supporting individuals with disabilities and their families, there are three foundational elements that must be reflected in that change.

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