While traveling, Lynda and I are privileged to hear wonderful stories. This one struck us....

A wonderful direct support person moved to a new town a few years ago. In his neighbourhood, there was a man who sat in his front window staring at the the world - without interacting. Everyone noticed him, but no one knew him. Then, fate intervened and there was a nasty robbery across the street. Everyone was upset but there were no clues - until the police asked 'the man in the window'. He of course saw it all, and reported with precision and detail, resulting in an arrest and the whole community being grateful.
As a result, the man shifted from his 'post' in the window to being a person who was greeted warmly, with appreciation throughout the community. In that spirit, our worker picked the gentleman up to give him a drive home on a rainy day. Making conversation, he mentioned that his garbage bin had been broken for months and his attempts to get it repaired had met deaf ears. Our Window Man said, "Leave it to me". Two days later a new bin appeared - but with broken wheels. Discussion followed, and the following day, a repair crew arrived with extra wheels and a second bin.
It turns out that our 'window man' knows almost everybody - including the town councilor who pays attention to his observations - because they make a difference to the safety and delight of their community.
Who could know? Gifts are everywhere when we create the opportunity for them to flourish.

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