The WE CAN Game - a free download to explore gifts and capacities with your team/organization

Cormac Russell has invented a captivating 'game' that can flip negativity into an exploration of possibility - quickly - with groups of all sizes.  It is quite remarkable.  And it can be played with everyone!  All sizes, shapes, ages, abilities.  Basically people work in small groups of about 10 ideally.  There could be many groups playing simultaneously in a room.

Using a deck of 100 CAPACITY CARDS - people discover the wide range of skills and capacities they have in their 'team' - and there are ALWAYS hidden talents and possibilities that emerge. 

The game can be played in as little as 30 minutes as a warmup, and as long as you choose.  It is excellent as an early meeting starter as it puts everyone in a 'capacity' frame of mind.

Happily, Cormac Russell is incredibly generous, so jointly with him, Inclusion Pres can make this available as a free download - for your use! 

Background:  Cormac Russell is the new Director of ABCD Europe.  ABCD is Asset Based Community Development - a capacity building approach pioneered by John McKnight and Jody Kretzmann in Chicago. The game is build from the wisdom of ABCD, and has been used with remarkable success in several countries.

The WE CAN game is a free download.  It is protected by the Creative Commons license.  In this case it means you are free to use and copy this material - but not for commercial purposes. In addition, you must credit the collaborators who made this possible:  Cormac Russell (Nurturing Development) and Inclusion Press.  In addition, if you adapt, adjust or translate the We Can game, you agree to provide us with a copy so we can continue the learning and sharing with even more people.

There are three pdfs attached.  The first is formatted to be printed on pre-cut business cards.  There are 10 sheets of Capacity Cards (100) and two sheets of blanks (20). 

The second pdf is the Corner Sorting Cards (4).

The third is instructional Guidelines.

This is a gift.  Please open, explore and enjoy.  And then tell us about your experiences.  And please share this gift, both the cards and the stories.

We look forward to hearing about your We Can events...

Jack Pearpoint           Lynda Kahn              Cormac Russell




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