TSI 2011 - Welcome Package and Important Information

Greetings as you are packing to depart for Toronto Summer Institute 2011!


A few things we thought you'd like to know before arriving..


This notes covers:

  • Airport to Ryerson transportation
  • The Ryerson accommodations where most folks will be staying
  • The TSI ‘base’ location’
  • TSI schedule updates…  


OPENING Saturday Night, July 9
Pitman Hall, Ryerson University


6:30 PM  Registration; Reception with light refreshments (not dinner) and networking (meet old friends and your new network)


7:00 PMish  - Welcome and Opening


Weather (and dressing comfortably!)

Community Hospitality and the Hospitality Suite at the ILLC

Restaurants and groceries in the area

Museums (and shopping) in the area

Inclusion Network - our Social Networking site

we'd love a photo of you...

Evenings...on your own...

and more about places and spaces and ways around Toronto…



and Downtown Toronto From Toronto Pearson Airport...


The easiest way is by Taxi or Limo.  You'll see signs for the Taxi and Limo stands.  The difference between the two:  Limo is a flat rate; Taxis will charge by time/distance.  The cost should be about the same.

Taxis: Taxis to hotels in downtown Toronto cost between Cdn @ $65, plus tip, and take about 35 - 45 minutes.

Taxis are available outside of every terminal and there is typically a taxi stand where you will be directed to a taxi. Do not accept a ride from a driver Inside the terminal unless you have specifically pre-arranged this with a limo or car service.  City of Toronto licensed taxi drivers are Outside the terminals.


The cost is comparable between the taxi's and limousines (see below).   Estimate for this trip: @$65 CAD for the ride and takes about 45 minutes.  It's about 30 miles/48 km southeast to the Ryerson University and downtown.


Limousines: Limousines are comfortable sedans, typically black, that operate similarly to taxis, but offer a higher standard of service and newer vehicles. Limousines are available outside of every terminal. The City of Toronto licenses the limousines that service Toronto Pearson International Airport to ensure safety standards and fare consistency. Rates are predetermined based on the time and distance to your destination within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). For destinations outside of the GTA, limousines charge per kilometer (1.6 km = 1 mile). 

For example, the rate for a limousine to Niagara Falls is about Cdn$180 plus tip. Rates are based per car, not per passenger.

To return to Toronto Pearson International Airport from Toronto by limousine, call ahead and book one.


Airport Express Shuttle: The Airport Express takes about 40 minutes to reach downtown Toronto and costs about Cdn $23.95 one way/ $39.95 round trip. The Airport Express Shuttle runs from the arrivals terminal at Pearson International Airport to downtown Toronto hotels, including the HYPERLINK "http://gocanada.about.com/od/toronto/p/deltachelseator.htm"Delta Chelsea and the HYPERLINK "http://gocanada.about.com/od/toronto/p/hiltontoronto.htm"Hilton Hotel Toronto every 40 minutes between 4:15 am and 11:10 pm. Call (905) 564-6333 or (905) 564-3232.


Web site for further information and schedules:



an alternative to Pearson airport:


Arriving into the heart of the city at the waterfront downtown at Billy Bishop airport


For more information on flights:




Addresses for your Ryerson destinations follow.  We leave you to map your routes via Google and such.  

Parking garages are located below each of the residences and are available 24 hours/day, on a first come, first served basis.  Overnight parking is $13/day.





Where your Registration fees go…


Just so you know, the Summer Institute has no ‘sponsor’.  It is ‘self sustaining’.  We RENT space from Ryerson University and are REQUIRED to use their catering facilities.  That translates into approximately $350 for every person who crosses the threshold (they count).  By the time we pay travel costs for the hosts, and organizing costs, we target a ‘break even’ operation.   The host faculty donate their services.  It is a remarkable event that requires amazing commitment from so many – including you.  We just wanted you to know that no one is getting rich at the Summer Institute – except in their hearts and minds.


Where you're headed...Ryerson University

Accommodations are mostly in two locations at Ryerson University:


Pitman Hall

160 Mutual Street

Front desk telephone: (416) 979-5210 or (416) 979-5296


International Living/Learning Centre  (ILLC)

240 Jarvis Street main entrance

(or you can use the entrance to ILLC at 133 Mutual Street, south of Pitman Hall)

both entrances to the ILLC are accessible

Front desk telephone: (416) 979-5301

Fax: (416) 979-5241

Toll Free in Canada: 1-866-592-8882




What else to know about the accommodations...


Pitman Hall - Continental breakfast is included in the overnight room rate for anyone staying at Pitman Hall.  The Breakfast room is on the first floor.

If you like bigger plushier towels, we suggest you bring 'em from home or buy them locally (The Eaton Centre nearby will have many stores happy to help out!)


ILLC - Hot breakfast is included for guests staying at the ILLC for 6 or fewer nights.  Guests with the benefit of a lower weekly rate for 7 or more nights, can purchase breakfast a la carte from Maggie’s, the restaurant at the ILLC, eat out in the city at nearby options or take advantage of the Hospitality Suite or your floor lounge.


Towels and such at the ILLC are more hotel style


Internet Access:  Both Pitman and ILLC will provider you an Ether net cable for use in your room; these are available on a first come first served basis. There is no additional charge for internet connection.

If the cable is lost you will be charged $10.00 for the cable.

If you have your own cables, we'd suggest you bring them along.


Beginning Sunday, July 10, there will be 2 computers in the Book Cafe (in our main meeting room in Pitman) which will be available for checking email and wireless internet access.



REFRIGERATORS and Microwaves are available on each floor of Pitman Hall and the ILLC in the floor lounges.  Any guest can share and use these... just mark your food with your room number....



Open beginning Saturday morning July 9, in the ILLC 9th floor lounge, there will be a self hosted and self-organizing hospitality suite, for gathering and networking, and food and conversation!

We'll get you started with some snacks, goodies and supplies and then you'll organize the rest!  Hospitality and community make this work.  The Hospitality Suite will be open July 9 in the morning through the morning of Thursday, July 14.





We are attempting to go 'more green'.  We will be giving everyone a large Tote bag that will be useful for carrying your conference packet, and we will attempt to avoid plastic bottles as much as possible.  We'd suggest bringing metal or some other re-usable water bottle.  You should also be able to find these on sale locally at nearby stores if you do not grab one from home.


Water pitchers will be available in all meeting rooms with glassware or plastic cups that recyclable. 


Recycling Bins will be around for paper, plastic, etc.





And new to Toronto in the past year is a public bicycle rental system in the downtown core!  You can rent for the day and get from place to place and the bicycle stands are right outside our door step at Pitman Hall!


Learn more:              https://toronto.bixi.com/ride-with-bixi/functioning




PACKING Thoughts:  stray thoughts as you pack your bags...


perhaps bring an extra bag..  We will have an array of 'damaged' (usually not very damaged) books that will be available at fire-sale prices.  If you can carry them - there is no shipping.  Bring a bag.. or pick one up here. Just a thought.  Our books will also be available at workshop prices – with a coupon for 20% off per book.  We are also clearing our remaining stock of VHS tapes, for $5.00/ copy!


The Ryerson U 'facilities' (gym) are available to 'residents' - so if you are inclined towards a swim, etc., etc - there are facilities.  Your room key gains you access along with a $7.00/day fee.  Bring whatever you need in that regard.  There is a pool, running track, squash and basketball courts and a fitness center.  Folks at the front desk or campus maps will get you there. 


and pack layers...   the weather is changeable!  It could be hot and then again we might experience rain and some cool!  It's the state we're all in.



We are looking forward to meeting you on 

Saturday evening, July 9 at Pitman Hall Cafeteria

 at Ryerson University (160 Mutual Street)


6:30 PM Registration begins:
Reception (light refreshments ~ sweet table with cheese and crackers and fruit) and Networking

7:00 ish PM Welcome and Opening, ending by @ 9:30 PM


PHOTOS:  If we have not yet received a head shot photo, we will be able to take one at registration, Saturday night.  However, if you have one - send it now to inclusionpress@inlcusion.com.  It will make things easier.



Other elements of the program....


Saturday evening, we will begin with a 'smudge ceremony' led by Wayne Helgason and Glenn Cochrane from Winnipeg.  We will have our own version of a "World Cafe" which will get people mixing.


On Sunday, we will have a "Speak Easy" - which will again give everyone a fast flavour of some of the talents and interests among us.  Additionally, session leaders among the faculty will provide a short introduction to the morning modules being offered during the week. We will open and create the Learning Marketplace – that establishes the program for the week! 


On Sunday a Welcome Break (coffee, tea, juices, pastry, muffins) will be available at 8:30 am in the main meeting room at the Pitman Cafeteria.  Boxed lunches are provided Sunday with a variety of choices, including vegetarian options.  Start time will be at 9:00 am.  The day will close by 5:00 pm.


Sunday night Restaurant Adventure: (optional) For those interested, a ‘group’ will head for a local restaurant!  We will have menus to share on Saturday and more information about this on your arrival.  The cost per person will be approximately $25 per person.  It’ll be a good walk – or street car journey, or short car ride if you prefer.


Monday – Wednesday – the Pattern of Your Days


The pattern of the day (Monday – Wednesday) will be:


Mindfulness Practice – 8:00 am (optional) in the International Room of the ILLC 


Welcome Break daily from 8:00 am – 8:50 am in Pitman Hall (coffee, tea, muffins or pastry


Morning Modules: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM (the modules will be introduced on Sunday and you will get to choose) .


Afternoons:  Open Space Sessions – which will be created in our Learning Marketplace on Sunday afternoon.  You decide where you need & want to be and what you want to learn/contribute.


Plenary Session: @ 4:00 – 5:00 PM Monday – Wednesday The large group gathers for a final session each day 


Creative arts options:  We hope you will ‘explore’ as many learning styles as possible – so we are adding ‘arts’ options to the Learning Marketplace.  There will be opportunities like:

silk painting – pre-registration required.  Space is limited to 25 

working with textiles

explore laser art – with Laser Eagles

and there is music…

“Creating the Futures We Want” Wall – and more ‘to be invented’…

Tuesday Morning Plenary, “Being realistic, isn’t realistic!” with Norm Kunz Broadreach Consulting group, British Columbia.


9:00 am- 10:15am.  

Modules resume after the morning plenary 10:30 am - Noon


Tuesday Evening

The Ubuntu Café hosted by PLAN Toronto from 7-9:00 PM in the Pitman Café. A coffee house and gathering for conversation around themes of the good life and belonging!  More Information available at the TSI and for sign up.


Tuesday all day!  At Ryerson:  A Farmers’ Market! (3:30 – 7:30pm)


Wednesday night - Our Backyard Picnic ~ in the courtyard, on the lawn outside the Pitman Hall cafeteria.


We'll begin to gather, network and Picnic! from about 6:30 – 8:00 PM.

We are offering a boxed picnic supper:  spread out on the lawn and at a few tables around the courtyard. We are looking forward to music throughout the evening (ours and yours) and hoping for some carrying on!

We will be requesting your menu selection at Registration Saturday night….

Your guests are welcome; please let us know in advance (at Registration Saturday night or on Sunday) - tickets will be available for a contribution of $10.00 per person. 

Please see Cathy Hollands, as we’ll need to know for the count by the end of the session Sunday, as well as menu choices for your guests.  


Wednesday picnic supper choices are:

Cold Grilled Chicken Breast with Mango Salsa on a bed of Mixed Greens with Balsamic Dressing, or

Cold Poached Salmon with Light Wasabi Mayo on a bed of Pasta Salad, or

Pasta with Grilled Mixed Vegetables


Wednesday Evening 




8:30 PM – 11:00 PM

Cash bar – last call at 10:30 PM

At the ILLC International Room


We propose to co-create an evening entertainment with music and dance!  

…there are musicians among us and we’ll see what improvisation happens 

…there’s your favorite dance collections of music  - you bring it and we’ll figure out how to get it through an ipod or some speakers…


If the mood strikes you, dress up it with anything that shines, sparkles or glitters! Sequins Are Us! (this year Lynda’s boots are gold sequined…)


One more chance to visit, connect and be with one another.


REMINDER: Continental breakfast for all Pitman Hall residence guests and hot breakfast for ILLC guests included for those staying 6 or fewer nights.  If you have a weekly rate at the ILLC you can purchase breakfast at the ILLC restaurant or explore a variety of other options. 


You are on your own to explore Toronto for all other meals. 


Learning Marketplace:  As you will discover, we build most of our agenda together in what we call the Learning Marketplace.  Once we 'create it', everyone creates their own agenda - to best meet their learning/sharing needs, and then everyone goes to work.  It's a little scary - but you get to be your own boss and make your own choices.  That's what most of us want.. so we just organize you to do what you want...  


You and the Marketplace...

Following the ideas of Open Space, most of our sessions are designed by participants and hosts:  typically they are organized in small groups, large groups, tutorials, conversations over coffee or knee to knee, etc. 


Bring the topics things you are passionate about, questions you are holding onto, topics you are curious to learn more about.  Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters to you.  Think about a session you may want to offer; gifts, talents, or interests you have to share... 


We will have approximately 130 people for our events....



We have a new 'Inclusion Network' website' up and running. HYPERLINK "http://inclusionnetwork.ning.com/"http://inclusionnetwork.ning.com/  

It is a social networking site.  Some of you have already joined as members.  We are hopeful that we can use it throughout to record and distribute documents, photos, ideas - and network with each other.  We hope you will join, add to and update your personal information - as well as taking the opportunity to create 'threads' with comments and content.  No address information will be provided there, unless you do so personally. 


Under the Events tab, sign up that you’ll be coming to the Institute 2011!



Optional Special Events


Sunday night:  Restaurant option for members of the TSI group that sign up.  Dinner payment is on your own. 


Tuesday:  Inclusive Education Day - Hosted by Gary Bunch & Gerv Leyden (Marsha Forest Centre) and an array of special guests will lead presentations focused on students, families and educators who are practicing inclusion in schools on the ground.  This special program will run in parallel to other activities. There is the possibility for sign up among those attending the TSI.

Registration Required.  Flyer attached for additional detail.  $15.00 Fee for TSI participants;  $75 for this one day only.


Wednesday night:  Our ‘Backyard’ Picnic - on the courtyard lawn outside the Pitman Hall.  If you want to bring guests, please let us know in advance - tickets will be available for a contribution of $10.00 per person. Guest "group rates' will be available.  See Cathy Hollands.


Mindfulness Practice:  Alan Sloan of the Shambala Institute is joining us and will be conducting mindfulness practice (8:00 am – 8:30 am Monday – Thursday mornings in the ILLC International Room)


Thursday... well, assuming we have all had a great week - it will be time to wave and hug, and recover as we begin our journeys homeward.  The program will close by 1:00 PM ish


As ever, we have a global range of talents that mixed and stirred make magic. 




We already know folks who are attending packing along their guitars, saxophones, drums, voices!  Please pack yours along (whatever it may be!)!  In past years, folks have taught others Scottish dancing, aikido movements.  We are a community with many varied gifts and talents.  


Coming with an open mind and an open heart while thinking about yourself as a contribution will be a great gift to us all.  


See you very soon.


Jack Pearpoint,  Lynda Kahn,  Cathy Hollands

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