Turning the tables

A landmark occasion took place in Quarriers, December 2011. After years of facilitating planning for others and delivering Quarriers training in MAPs, PATHs and other person centred plannig processes, Service Manager Alistair Welsh, had the privilege of having his own PATH facilitated by Caroline Gray and Florence McQuilter - two people we support at Quarriers.

Caroline and Florence attended a 3 day event on MAPs and PATHs training with the Edinburgh Development Group (EDG) in Edinburgh last year. Quarriers Inclusion Manager Iain Cuthbertson and Quarriers Community Connections and Planning Service Co-ordinator Caroline Brown accompanied them.

The training was run by Jack Pearpoint and Lynda Khan who have both been the central forces in Person Centred Planning with learning from them and the late great Marsha Forest having influenced development work in Quarriers for nearly 20 years.

Caroline Brown found the training excellent and said, "Caroline Gray and I facilitated the new MAP process together for a graphic facilitator on the course. It seemed like a natural progression to help develop both mine and Caroline’s facilitating skills." The training helped the group understand how the process works and taught them new approaches to planning. Caroline Brown added, "We are all a work in progress with the new format, however from the feedback received, the questions and processes seem to get to the heart of the matter much quicker and at a deeper level."

Fresh out of training the planning with Alistair enabled Caroline and Florence to put their learnings into practice and develop their confidence in facilitation. It also helped Alistair to understand what the new PATH process is like compared to the earlier version. Florence described the exercise as ‘turning the tables’ as they were truly turned on Alistair! Alistair said "This was something I'd looked forward to happening for some time, that people we support would become facilitators of MAP and PATH themselves and have the opportunity to contribute to other people's plans and positive change in their lives as a result. This experience of new PATH has given me a far clearer sense of what drives me in my life and the feedback I received from Florence and Caroline was very honest and powerful and they had clearly been listening deeply to my story. They will be hugely valuable members of our Quarriers Facilitators Network and it's main steering group".

This was a great milestone in Quarriers’ Inclusion work. We hope that Florence and Caroline will encourage other people we support to undergo training in MAPs and PATHs and facilitate plans for others too. Caroline says, "I would definitely like to facilitate MAPs and PATHs again. I really enjoyed working with the Community Connections team".

What a powerful and positive thing for someone we support to have their plan facilitated by another person we support.

"I really enjoyed facilitating the MAP for Alistair. Finding out more about a person makes it easier to understand them".

Caroline Gray

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Comment by Jack Pearpoint on May 5, 2012 at 5:17pm

Turning the Tables indeed... perhaps the beginning of a small tidal wave..  Not only 'table flipping' for all the Alistairs who support people - but powerfully empowering for folks who have been constrained to being 'recipients of services'.  Another small (BIG) step on the journey towards inclusion for all - where everyone is in - and with!!


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