Zero Force - put an end to using children as disposable Weapons Systems

On Human Rights Day LGen. Roméo Dallaire will introduce Zero Force with a call to Canadians to enlist -- and put an end to the use of child soldiers

Toronto, ON, Human Rights Day (Dec. 10th) marks the official launch of Zero Force, a movement to eradicate the use of child soldiers led by Lieutenant General (LGen.) Roméo Dallaire. Dallaire, known for his exceptional work as a champion of human rights, is urging Canadians to join Zero Force – to ensure that no child is ever again used as an instrument of war.

“Our initial goal is to enlist 25,000 Canadians to join Zero Force, representing one tenth the number of child soldiers who exist in the world today,” says LGen. Dallaire, who has served 37 years with the Canadian Armed Forces and now sits in the Canadian Senate. “We need to reach this number by February 12th 2011, the International Day Against the Use of Child Soldiers, when I will represent Zero Force at the United Nations and show the world Canadians are looking beyond their own borders by leading the charge to stop the use of child soldiers.”

Children of war are routinely abducted violently from their families at a tender age, and are subjected to forcible confinement, torture, threats, rape, brainwashing, slavery, starvation, intoxication though drugs and sleep deprivation. They are often paired up and killed if their partner escapes. Zero Force, a campaign of the Child Soldiers Initiative, is the first of its kind and is an opportunity for Canadians to take action by enlisting online at


I have enlisted - and I hope you will join me. A
good way to begin the new year - enlist youth to stop war.


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