Some of you will have heard of Waddie Welcome.. a remarkable man who taught so many.. See the book for more.. His life long advocate was Ms Addie Reeves who died at 100. Her remarkable 'phone book' is now in the Telfair Museum in Savannah, GA.
From Sept 27-29, many of us were privileged to attend an incredible event entitled The Art of Social Change.. At the Jepson Center, after being dazzled by the Quilts of both Beth Mount and 'the children' from Loop in Up, many of us rounded a corner to see Addie Reeves Phone book. But.. IF you saw it, (she was the peppermint queen of Waddie Welcome fame) you only got to see one page.. here are some more..

Enjoy Addie's incredible the Telfair Museum — in Savannah, GA.

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